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India Circus: Bringing style from the streets of India

Online shopping is the word for today’s fashion oriented junta. And e-commerce boom is making almost everyone a shopaholic. Reasons are obvious too.

But in this hail storm of e-commerce projects, there are still a few who create their own niche. One of it is definitely India Circus, run by lifestyle designer Krshna Mehta. The moment you visit the website, it gives you a warm traditional feel, with products reflecting a unique combination of Indian Culture and Contemporary quirk. It definitely feels like a Fashionable visit to the streets of India. BM brings your way five things that make India Circus, the most interesting online store in India.


1.       Country that eats together.. From stylish coffee mugs to dinner sets, you can choose your own way to make your kitchen speak a stylish language. The beautiful print on your kitchenware would add the required fun to your dining and cooking. BM has a few mugs already on its wish list.

2.       Leading the gadgets globe: Gadget lovers are going to love their gadgets more, as we never had these many options to stylize your lifestyle tool. From truck and street prints to historical and old school representation of India; you can now flaunt different facets of your country.

3.       For the love of my country: Let your home speak a language of class-apart style with India Circus home décor options. You can choose from a variety of interesting wall art pieces, to door mats and cushion covers. Our favorite section is India Circus’s lamps; beautiful, quirky, stylish and come at a pocket loving price. Now you can flaunt your love towards your country without compromising on the style factor.

4.       Wearing India on your sleeve: From apparels to accessories to jewelry; you name it, IC has it. And what pretty amalgamation of Indian traditional silhouettes and prints with contemporary style and trends! We simple love the metal jewelry pieces and the cute character print range.

5.       United we stand: India Circus has all the merchandise that lures you to shop every single day. If the above mentioned reasons are not enough, IC has a list of collaboration with Indian accessory designers. These designers again support the Indian Culture and Streets in the quirkier manner. Now you know that you just cannot resist from swiping your cards for this online store. 

Rashi Gaur


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