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In your Best Shape – Geometric Print Fashion

Shapes and lines; haven’t we all grown up cribbing the subject that taught us these? Of course, a yes. What’s there to love in the subject that always gave me (and a majority of us) nightmares? And same goes with all the shapes it taught us. Right?

Gone are the days and now it’s time to give your wardrobe some geometric punches. Ramps  across the globe are adorning them in the most flattering pieces. And fashionistas are flaunting them on the streets. It’s high time that you fall for all the triangles and circles during this fashionable journey.


Check those Squares out

It’s not long ago when Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs presented their monochrome collection all drowned in white and black checks. The ramp did resemble a stunning chess board with most glamorous sequence of pretty pieces.

This chess board turned colourful, when Chanel came up with her geometric collection in hues of pink and grey.

Cubical Drama

None of the trends is complete if not coming alive in some funky accessory. Think of accessory, and Bags flash in front of my eyes. (Being a bag fanatic is dangerous sometimes) How about a backpack or a cross body sling flaunting squares and cousins? I simply love this cubical print cross body bag from River Island.

Triangles going warm

Cubes have been quite a popular shape lately when comes to sweaters and pullovers. This time, fashion planet has tried giving it a variation by adding triangles to them. Brands like ASOS, Zara, and H&M are coming up with several stunning options this AW. You just have to be sure of embracing most of the shapes.

Linear Length

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend; the second best being shoes. After all, how could our footwear closet stay aloof of these stunning shapes? Lines, cubes or triangles; a pair of stilettos is always the best option if you want to stay subtle and classy on the trends.

All covered in Shapes

Be it a pair of cat eyed glasses with cubical print frames or a set of head phones inspired by the subject of lines; geometric shapes are the most ‘in’ thing. Flaunt your cool in such stunning pieces from brands like, OASAP and Skullcandy.




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