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In Conversation with the woman behind ‘Deyga Organics’

Deyga Organics is a beauty care brand that has paved a way to start an organic skin care regime with sheer purity and glory of nature encapsulated in its cruelty-free, natural and handcrafted products. Inspired from the traditional Ayurvedic ideology, Deyga is established with a motive to restore the ancient beauty techniques and importance of nature's offerings, emphasizing sustainability in skin care rituals.


We, at Blah and More, got this opportunity to speak with the founder of this impressive brand who happens to be a young mother to a baby boy. Arthi Raghuram is 26, an M.B.A. by qualification and hails from Erode, India. Let's read further and know the brand Deyga from Arthi's perspective.

1.            What is Deyga? Tell us more about it. What made you start it?

"To be precise, 'Deyga is my soul happiness', says  Arthi with a grateful smile. "The word is inspired from a Tamil word 'Deygam' that means ‘body’. Deyga isn’t just a brand but a dream turned into reality. It’s like my child, growing older but stronger with each passing day and I love to nurture it like a mother. As a child is moulded with good manners during his upbringing so that he spreads the message of love in the world, I am putting all my efforts into Deyga to prevail the message of purity and restoration of ancient Indian beauty techniques."


"Whenever I think about the inception of its idea, I find myself overwhelmed and sunk deep in remembrances of my teen years when most of the time I used to be annoyed with my sensitive skin. I had to think hundreds of time before buying any new product. Those were days I bounded myself with a resolution to find a permanent solution to my skin problems. And then what worked for me were the natural elixirs", Arthi giggles.

"Yes, I do believe Natural ingredients are no less than elixirs for skin problems. I wanted to share the potency of these ingredients with all and that was the first time when Deyga got its roots established in my mind."

2.            What are the best products on your website and why?

"Charcoal soap has been the best seller till date. It’s especially designed with anti-acne formula. It’s amazing to have a coincidence that the problem I dealt with the most (stubborn acnes) during my teens, is the problem people are highly satisfied with the solutions of, at Deyga. The entire anti-acne kit is people’s favorite and  beetroot lip balm is another product people are loving lately."

3.            Throw some light on your journey as an entrepreneur.

"My journey as an entrepreneur has been adorned with hardships and challenges at every step and I am thankful for it made me utter strong. These challenges have made me learn more, discover more and most importantly paved my way to a responsibility where I can reach out to the people in need and that’s what for me is the most acknowledged deed."


4.            Our audience wants to know more about you as a person.

" I am fond of nature and its creation. I find peace in the lap of mother nature and nothing can excel the joy of observing even the tiniest of creations by it. The other thing I feel is a key feature that describes me better is my smile. I believe all the challenges can be conquered by being optimistic. And when you smile in the hardest of times, the universe returns it with that glory too."

5.            Since you're a new mother, how do you strike out a balance between being a mother and being an entrepreneur? We'd like to know more on the work-life balance tips.

"Believe me nothing is difficult when your heart is the master of your actions. Both the roles are equally important to me, my son has given me an identity as a Mother and Deyga has given me the courage and strength to connect with the outside world. I inhale and exhale my love in it. Both the responsibilities have evolved me as a person."


"I would rather say it’s a synchronization of these two roles that make me what I am today. The tip I would suggest to maintain a balance between the two roles is 'gratitude'. When you feel grateful you leave no stones unturned to prove your mettle. The love of my son and customers provide me the strength to do it with all my heart, sweat and blood. I can’t be enough grateful to them for making me realize my real identity."

6.            What's your idea of a strong woman?

"A woman with dreams gaining all the willpower and working tremendously hard to achieve them is like a lioness in the battlefield. Her resilience to stand up again every time she falls is a symbol that she isn’t going to stop until she makes her dreams come true is a quality that I think can be seen in the strongest of women around the globe."


7.            One skin care advice you swear by.

"Never ever go to sleep without cleansing your makeup. I am not too fond of make- up but yes a Kajal and a Lipstick are my constant mates for any occasion," Arthi laughs.

"Whenever I apply, I make sure, I cleanse them off completely before hitting the hay and follow up with  serum for hydration in skin."

"Also I believe adequate water and good sleep is the key mantra of good skin."

8.            And lastly, why should customers come to Deyga?

"For the purity they can enjoy."  Arthi smiles. "Today when the world is facing adulteration even in the food we eat, Deyga Organics assures its customers the  quality of skincare essentials produced organically."

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As told to – Rashi Gaur


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