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Image Consulting Business Institute – For the New and Better ‘You’

Gone are the days when being an engineer, or doctor were the only options left for ambitious youth. I was myself a full-time employee with a firm untill recently when I took up full-time blogging as my profession. And I never knew that the world is full of unconventional vocational ideas.

Recently I was introduced to Image Consulting Business Institute a.k.a. ICBI and was really amazed on to the categories in Image Building solutions. And all this can be a part of a fun and rich career option for today's creative youth.

ICBI is an institute that starts mentoring you, where other institutes stop. Not only they make you a better professional but also groom you to a level that your personal relationships too become better. From choosing your wardrobe and styling yourself well, to leadership and interpersonal skills; ICBI is here to make you excel in life.

I personally like 'Soft Skills Training' contents of the course. The course duration varies from six months to an year and targets at things that are generally ignored (and sometimes undervalued) by people who are too busy and stressed by work load. It aims at things like leadership skills, negotiation skills, emotional intelligence and empathy, time and stress management etc. I highly recommend this curriculum to young professionals.

I availed this another awesome service by ICBI; Personal Shopper. Being a fashion oriented person, I shop a lot. And sometimes just pick up stuff that I probably don't need without even thinking about if this suits my body type or not.

I booked an appointment with ICBI personal shopper and fixed up a time and place. It started off with a jovial and quick telephonic chit-chat through which Piyanka Swaroop, my personal shopper from ICBI  understood my requirements and my lifestyle. She did her homework well, till the time I waited for the day.

As per Piyanka, "Having done a bit of homework by asking Rashi what she needed made it easier to shop.. It's important to be able to connect and communicate well because shopping can be quite a personal experience  for many and having someone – albeit a stranger – telling you what to and what not to purchase becomes stressful at times. Luckily for me , I connected quite well with her and I hope she did too! (Ohh Yes! I did)

On the decided date, I reached there and found a pretty lady waiting for me at the coffee shop. We sat there for an hour and a half, sipped out coffees and discussed my personality, body type, lifestyle and the kind of occassions I need to shop for.

Then she suggested me the stores based on the trends. For instance, I had to buy ripped off denim jeans. She suggested me the best place to get the best fitted denims, and that was Zara.

I also had something in my mind already. I have an entire wardrobe of formal wear and party wear attires. I wanted to buy something really casual as I am planning a reunion with my college mates soon. Casual and music go hand-in-hand, so my obvious choice was a crop top with some music logo. Piyanka took seconds to suggest me Forever 21 store as they have the best and maximum range in crop tops.


After we knew what we had to buy, we headed off to Zara store in Select City Walk, Saket, New Delhi. I tried jumpsuits, assymetrical layered dresses and skirts. But winter season played with my psychology well and I concluded my decision making on a ripped off denim jeans. I just tried two patterns and I had already got my 'Dream Fit'.


According to Piyanka, I have an excellent and enviable figure ..!  (Thank You! 😀 )

She analysed that my body type is ideal with variations i.e – slightly fuller hips. My upper torso is ideal so all shapes and styles would flatter me . For the lower torso- The best and most flattering outfits she could suggest for me would be slight A line dresses that end at the knees, to counter fullness at the hips; pants jeans or trousers that have a boot cut style at the bottom to elongate lower torso and create illusion of slimmer and longer legs.

Another recommendation was knife pleat skirts- both ankle length and knee length, again to counter hips, capris that end at shin length to add height; the ones that end at the ankles make legs look shorter.


Piyanka helped me decide on which one looks the best after trials. We both agreed on one pair and 50% of our shopping was done.


Next, we headed to Forever 21 store. After having a look at the store and mutually deciding upon the choices, we picked up 4 tops. Out of which one fitted me really well. It's a crop top with Beatles print. My search for the perfect look to my College Reunion ended there.


Then came footwear, so nothing spells casual more than a pair of canvas sneakers. We found a pair in white color (it's absolutely ruling the planet) and luckily, they had my size too.

I totally enjoyed this experience. And as it was my very first interaction with ICBI people, I can say, it was much more than I had expected it to be.


Piyanka adds, it was super fun..! It's good that Rashi was aware of her exact needs and shop accordingly. Keeping your wardrobe in mind and what needs to be added is key . It makes the experience more enjoyable. Also it would be good to try new styles and shapes and even colours – you would be surprised at what ends up looking amazing..! 

Rashi Gaur


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