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I’m Blue- Da-Ba-Dee

I always kept wondering why Blue is my favourite color. And always gave myself an answer, that it’s the coolest color on the color wheel. But recently I read an article on color psychology which says it all.

People who like blue color are conservative, reliable and trustworthy. They are not impulsive or spontaneous. They are genuine and sincere, and take their responsibilities seriously.

They are approachable and friendly, always making people feel welcome in their life. They have a thirst for knowledge in order to gain wisdom and appear knowledgeable in whatever area interests them.

And now suddenly I realize that I have been talking about color psychology a lot, though my outfit post is still waiting for its introduction. Being verbose is probably another psychology trait for color blue.  And that is where the introduction starts, where in I am being really vocal about my love for the color.

Bodycon dresses are the latest in-thing. And I love them for two reasons. Firstly, they give you a fit to die for. And secondly, if you’re blessed with a great body, you’d love it for accentuating your curves. Hence I picked up this amazing bandage dress in knit cotton which is a perfect fabric for these scorching sunny days.

Nautical stripes combined with a plain blue skirt pattern giving it a required styling. Plus, for a ‘Not-so-girlie’ me, loves it for the casual sporty look it creates.

I teamed it up with my royal blue velvet pumps that are again stealing my hearts these days. The comfort they give makes them a must-have footwear item.

For accessories, I kept it simple by just donning a red beads necklace. It is creating a contrasting style statement by adding some color to the look. If you want you can wear some chunky foot jewelry, like the way I have added this Lock-Key anklet in silver.

Summers can be too harsh on you. I always make a point not to leave my place without Sunglasses. I have fallen for the recently launched sunglasses range by Hidesign. They have aviators, wayfarers, retro look glasses, cat eye glasses; you name it, Hidesign has it. And the price range too is reasonable for a range that is as stylish as this one. I am wearing one of them and would recommend these as one of the summers must-haves.

And as I always say; no look is complete without a bag. After all, they make you carry your world with you. Sling bags are the hottest ones in fashion fraternity. You can see a variety of them. Choose the one that suits your requirements and style statement.

Things to Take Care of:

  • Always opt for seamless lingerie under your Bodycon dresses, as the seam show is a big ‘No-No’.
  • Even if you’re skinny and you know you’re going for a lunch or dinner party, try wearing a pair of tummy tucker briefs under your dress. After all, we do not love our paunch after we finish our meals, do we?


Bodycon Dress: United Colors of Benetton

Pumps: Bata

Necklace: Janpath, Delhi

Silver Chain (worn as anklet): Bangkok

Sunglasses: Hidesign

Watch: Skagen

Bag: United Colors of Benetton


Photo Credits: Mayank Gaur Photography



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