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How to handle her while she is PMSing

PMS! More of a jargon than a symptom can be troublesome to deal with, especially when it's happening to your spouse. Suddenly she appears a bundle of unpredictable mood swings and raw emotions in full bloom. But there is nothing to worry as BM lists down the steps which will make your life easier while she spins the house upside down with her temper.

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Try to understand how she is feeling. She might have cravings.  PMS makes you irrational and erratic, there would be moments when she might find you extremely annoying and irritating. Soothe her down even if it asks for frequent trips to her favorite bakery store to fetch that cupcake she craves for.

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Step 2

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Let her know you're available. "Hey Honey! I’m right here, is there anything I can do to make you feel better?"  Make sure you say this to her. You don’t want her to feel left out while she is PMSing else the consequences of it could be severe for you to face.

Step 3

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A nice hot cup of Herbal Tea will definitely ease her down and the crankiness would be at bay for at least two hours; your Snooze time, eh? cool

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Step 4

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Don’t make yourself over available. Make sure, you leave her alone when she asks for it. Don’t point out on how ungrateful she is being by asking you to get the hell out of what once used to be  room too just because she wants to watch a chick flick. Remember, she is sick! So suck up to it and make yourself scarce when she wants.

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Step 5

Make sure you carry a Helmet handy in case you find the kitchen utensils being thrown at you all of a sudden. Just Kidding!


Now that you are guarded with our mantras, make sure you utilize them well and not get shocked the next time you see her crying while watching the Prime Minister taking the Oath. laugh

-Rashmi Singh


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