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Hairstyles for Brides, the WedMeGood way

Braids or Buns, waves or curls, Jasmine or roses, the confusion just doesn’t end right. Choosing hairstyles is so confusing that we mostly let the makeup artist decide on what will suit you the best. But, hey come on it’s your wedding, you should be the one to  decide what and what not for everything, especially your bridal look. 


So, the first thing is choosing a professional bridal makeup artists who can give you a stand with your personality. Avoid too loud makeup & going OTT with your bridal look. 


Secondly, get some inspiration for yourself instead of leaving everything on the artist. The wedding app by WedMeGood has a lot of inspiration for trending hairstyles and makeup for Indian brides. App is available on Android & IOS here. 


So read on as we bring some fresh ideas, cool looks and some amazing tips and tricks on Indian bridal hairstyles. This definitely is going to put a full stop to that confusion. 


  • Good ol’ Braids – The good old classic braid never gets faded, This goes really well on all traditional outfits. Most chosen style as south Indian bridal hairstyle. To add a little more glamour to this choose to cover it up with fresh jasmine flower or traditional temple jewelry for braid  


Image via Archana Karthick

  • Sleek Buns with mogra or roses – A sleek, tight bun covered with mogra or Some bright red roses for sure looks elegant and classy. Buns go pretty well on the outfits where you will have to cover your head with a dupatta. It also holds dupatta right and tight so that you can continue enjoying the ceremony worrylessly. 


  • Messy braid with flowers – Mess is cool, at least when we talk about the hairstyles it sure is. Messy braids go very well on any traditional or modern outfit. You can opt for it either for the main event or small functions. Just don’t forget to pair it with tiny flowers like rosettes or even orchids. 


Image via Preksha Gupta Makeup Artist

  • Side braid with baby’s breath – side braid is perfect to choose if you have very voluminous hair. This mostly goes well with modern outfits. You can choose it as a hairstyle for haldi or mehndi. It also goes well when you have to take pallu or cover your head. The braid peeps out on one side while the dupatta falls on the other. Baby’s breath is a perfect choice of flower for this style, however, french rosettes will also look pretty cool. 


  • Half up half down hairstyle pinned with flowers – a good choice to let them long lustrous tresses fall freely on your clothes while not having to worry about it falling on your face. Tied at the top and freely falling at the bottom this hairstyle goes well with any chosen outfit. You can add braids as the top ties, waves or curls to the hair that is left down to spice it up a little more.  


Image via Sarita Singh – Hair & Makeup

  • Messy bun with a side accessory – Messy bun looks as good and playful as a messy braid. So you can opt for this when you are covering your head. Pairing it with a side accessory adds a statement to the whole look. You can choose a side accessory with any of the above hairstyles and you will still look gorgeous. 


  • Bulb braids with an accessory- bulb braids are the perfect choice for traditional Rajasthani bride. It goes so well on lehengas and pairing it with a good hair accessory makes all the difference in the look. You can choose to add baby’s breath here and there around the bulb to bring out the charisma of this hairstyle 


  • Bridal bun with rosettes – This is the best choice on any traditional saree outfit. Just a sleek or messy bun and tiny red or pink rosettes on the side looks so simple and yet so classy. Definitely choose red roses on the red colored outfit, the freshness in this look will be unmatchable 


These are our most favorite picks and top trending Indian bridal hairstyles for this wedding season. Choose your favorites from the list and flaunt it with style. 



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