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Guest Post: Nail Files by Ravneet Kochar

Nail art! Now that’s what adds color to my very colorful life. What better way to express the mood you’re in, the seasons around you, the festivals, the themes; I have so much fun creating them. I’m not a professional nail artist, but painting and coloring these little miniature canvases makes me so happy. Being so graciously invited to write a guest post for BM, I’d love to share a few of my top favorite nail art trends for S/S ’14. All you need is a few nail paints, some acrylic colors, paint brushes and you’re good to go.


Neon + Aztec

1.       Base coat

2.       1 coat of opaque white

3.       Neon color of your choice

4.       Paint a white stripe horizontally at 1/3 level of nail

5.       Paint black borders with a striping brush and mini triangles

6.       Make your accent finger stand out with black n white stripes.


Fashionista Nails

1.       Base coat

2.       White nail paint

3.       French tips in nude to match the clutch

4.       Golden line at the base of the French manicure for that extra style

5.       Paint on the monograms from the clutch using acrylic colors.

6.       Don’t forget your topcoat

photo (7)

Summer-y Floral

1.       Base coat

2.       Paint your nails white

3.       Place small dots of pink polish and white polish next to each other.

4.       Swirl them both in with the pointed end of a tooth pick

5.       Draw on green leaves next to the flowers

6.       Top coat


Stylized French

1.       Base coat

2.       Paint the nails in  the color of your choice, blue being the summer favorite

3.       Paint curved lines with white polish

4.       Draw tiny black bows at the base of the stylized French tips

5.       Top coat

– Text and Images – Ravneet Kochar


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