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Gender War: Six ways to love trend Androgyny

Androgyny is a combination of masculine and feminine characteristics prevailing together. People who believe in blurring out gender issues, this term is a big social revolution. But this season, it is coming out loud as a bold fashion statement across the planet. From Givenchy to Topshop, everyone seems to be in awe of this powerful fashion trend. Here we’re talking about this trend on a base level and giving you six ways to flaunt your love for it.

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Moustache: Ever since Lady Gaga went boldly androgynous by sporting moustache on her upper-lip, moustache has been topping the list of androgyny fashion. Opt for moustache print tee-shirts and shirts for a casual tomboy look. You can also sport your love for it by opting moustache shaped pendants and studs.

Brogues: One piece of accessory that you should invest in this season is a classy pair of brogues. Not only would it keep you clean and safe from dust and pollution, it would add that extra power to your style. Pair it up with either a pair of trousers or style up your regular bermudas and you’re good to go.

Suspenders: Ever noticed how old men just looked classier with a pair of elasticized straps worn across their shoulders to keep their bottom wear in place? Those straps are called suspenders aka the major fashion accessory to follow androgyny as a trend. Add them to your formal suit or skirt for a more powerful look. Or else try adding it your regular denim-tee look and you can play androgyny safe and stylish.

Suit-up: Nothing spells powerful dressing better than a trouser-suit; you can opt for a shorts-suit as well! Add a neck-tie and a fedora hat to accessorize your look perfectly. While you’re at work, let your androgynous look do the talking.

Duffle Bag: Let your clutches and totes rest in your wardrobe this season as duffle is going to rule the trend. Not only these are spacious enough to carry all your necessary belongings, it automatically adds volumes of stylish power to your look. Irrespective of your attire, a duffle bag is a must-have accessory, this season.

Short Bob: Power is synonymous with balance and freedom. And there is no better way to showcase these traits by opting for a shorter hair length. Apart from being uber stylish and classy, a short bob haircut gives you freedom from messy and unmanageable hair. Chop off those tresses and rule the style planet.

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