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From the Wardrobe of: Nida Mahmood

Her first appearance gives you an impression of ‘volumes of creativity’. A ‘chirpy’ girl next door, has a serious designer written on her other side of face. She defines a revolution against boring, repetitive and mundane fashion ideas and creates everything that is a perfect synonym for the word ‘Beautiful’.


The Designer flaunting her peculiar Style Statement

This NIFT graduate has a much simpler life and a very down to earth statement in style. She reveals her style mantras in a candid conversation with Blah and More.

BM: How would you describe Nida Mahmood, as a person?
Nida Mahmood: Very Spontaneous.

BM: Did you always know, your entire life, that you would be a designer?
NM: No. Though I always knew that I had to do something creative. While I was preparing for my Medical entrance, I realised well in time that my true calling was not the Lab Coat and the Stethescope but Colors.

BM: Throw some light on your recent collection?
NM: The Spring-Summer 2012 is named as ‘The Great Indian Bohemian Tamasha’. It is ispired by the Indian Art and Theatre, basically ‘The Puppet Show’ from Rajasthan. It has colors, drama, and lots of bling. Interesting prints that are inspired by the traditional Inkblot method, are added to fabrics like Soft Voil, Mulberry Silk, and Tafetta.

BM: What inspires you the most?
NM: I get inspired from everything around me. I find myself most drawn towards the little insignificant things around us. My life always has a strong Indian flavor.

BM: Define your style statement
NM: Boho Chic

BM: According to you, what are the five staples in a today’s women wardrobe?
NM: Every woman has her own Style Sense. Thus, staples may vary accordingly. For me, they would be: A pair of comfortable Zouave Pants, a well fitted T-shirt, a big Tote bag to throw in everything, a pair of comfortable Pumps, my ‘orange’ shades, and a Kohl pencil.

BM: One must-have accessory that makes all the difference to one’s look?
NM: Corsage

BM: Out of all the trends, which one is your most favorite one and why?
NM: I love Color Blocking. Simply because there is a whole world out there yet to be discovered.

BM: One fad, that does not click to you ever?
NM: Not so much a fad, but the perennial trend of Animal Print does not click to me at all. I have somehow never been able to find it attractive.

BM: You never leave your home without:
NM: A Kohl Pencil

Her Love for Corsages

BM: How are we supposed to expect Nida’s dress-up for a formal party?
NM: I am certainly not someone who dresses in the conventional party language. For me, an interesting printed or embroidered trousers teamed with the right top can be a perfect attire for an evening. Accessorizing makes a world of difference. I enjoy using corsages and scarves a lot.

BM: And for a casual day-out?
NM: For Summers, a pair of light-weight Jeans or skirt. I even love sporting a pair of Zouave pants and tee.

BM: One Style Tip for our readers.
NM: Never force Style onto yourself. Let it come naturally. There is no point to be someone else. It never works.

BM: One most priced possession?
NM: My collection of Corsages.

BM: One random color on your mind?
NM: Fuschia

Edited and Compiled by- Rashi Gaur


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