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For the Love of Apples and Diamonds;

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away! But this apple is only going to attract not just 'good looking' doctors but others too. And here we mean it in all the good ways.

See it to believe it! All the prettiness locked in this stunning range of apple shaped aspirational diamond jewelry crafted in 18K gold DIAMOND APPLE by is here to stay with you forever. 

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A unique jewelry that is made for people who love to flaunt their love for diamonds in an unconventional way. 

Away from all the traditional shapes and designs, BlingTales stick to tthe classic shape of an apple and bring your way all kinds of contemporary jewelry pieces for both, men and women. 

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The range is full of 'apples' in the shapes of earrnigs, pendants, and finger rings. 

Prices too are affordable for a range in 18k gold and real diamond pieces. You get these diamond apple pieces in White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold colors. And every piece comes with an excellent packaging and care pouches made in real leather and have brand's logo engraved. 

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You can style these pendants and jewelry pieces with your everyday office look or a date look where you know you've to look at your best for that special someone. 

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A perfect gift for your loved ones; Diamond Apple is here to say how much you care!

About is a unique e-commerce concept to sell "Aspirational" Natural Diamond jewelry products and accessories online. Our focus is to offer jewelry products which you will "Aspire to Own and Gift" thereby creating your own diamond stories.

They promise a pleasant and clutter free shopping experience by providing a limited range of unique products only to be found at 

All the products are made with 18K Gold and Natural Diamonds (GIA standard grading system) sourced from “Best in Class” global suppliers providing you the assurance to purchase with confidence. Needless to mention, the products will continue to have enduring value for you and your loved ones.

The venture is backed by professionals with multi-decade experience in the Diamond and Technology Industry.



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