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Five Ways to rock the Circuit Breaker life

The tiniest of the organism yet deadly enough to kill a human; that's the summary of Corona Virus aka Covid-19 which has incidentally stopped the entire world. There is a global lockdown, the economies are at their greatest downfall and every human is scared to step outside of their abodes.

The classes are suspended, schools are shut and play areas are silent. While adults are busy with 'Working-From-Home' and households, kids are involved in Home-Based-Learning. And handling everything all at the same time is creating a chaos in an otherwise 'happy home'. While there is still time for the Circuit Breaker in Singapore to get lifted and we hope it happens soon, we at Blah and More decided to ease out the frustration and decode the Lockdown Life Mantra.


Routine – Now that we're used to staying at home and we've understood fairly how much time is taken by each activity, we can structure a routine; both, for adults and kids. A proper time would only save you hassles of untimely tantrums by the kids and promote more productivity for you.


Divide Work – As a family, it's a responsibility for each of us to create a happy home. A home where everything from cooking to cleaning is done properly and efficiently to promote a healthy lifestyle. Dividing chores is not only a great way to get things done quickly and efficiently, it's also a fun way of 'togetherness' and to spread smiles. Also, by involving kids in daily chores (depending on their age and abilities) they'd not only be able to learn different things but would also be occupied in a constructive way.


Recreation – Remember the times when we used to crave for work-life balance and how it always seemed difficult to spend time with loved ones? But those dreams have become the new-age reality and we're at home all the time, working and playing all together. And meanwhile, all the time being saved from not travelling to the work-places can be utilised in 'Family Recreation'. Watching a movie together, playing board games, trying out different recipes in the kitchen or dancing together; now you've time for everything.


Time-out – But any activity, be it for home or work, is not going to give you the desired results if you are not taking a 'Me Time' break. Take turns and provide each other a chance to spend some quality time away from all the responsibilities. Be it even 30 minutes of the day, but time spent alone is always beneficial as it releases stress and rejuvenates your mind to handle more. Time-out activities may include reading, going for a walk, talking to a loved one, sipping on your coffee in your own company or anything that you can relate to.

Meditate – Now is the time that you'd have to stretch your over-productive mind and bodies to even further limits. Start your day with some meditation. Even ten minutes of a conversation with yourself is going to keep you away from all the frustration and would be helpful in improving your mental as well as physical health in the long run.

Rashi Gaur


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