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Five Reasons why we love ‘Duo of Duck’

Dear Men! We might not show much but we actually care for you in heaps. And what more can a Fashion Blogger care for, than your fashion statement?

Of late I came across this newbie but promising men's wear online portal called Duo of Duck. Interesting name eh? Well, not just an interesting name, 'Duo of Duck' has much more interesting things to offer. Blah and More reviews the brand and brings your way all the things that the brand comes  along with apart from the obvious, fashion and style.



Unisex: Yes! you've read that right. This is a portal that can be loved by both the sexes equally. All the silhouettes are made in unisex way and can be worn by you and bae, both. This brand has taken the phrase "women equality" a little too seriously. Haha! But jokes apart, the garments fit perfectly; be it you or your beloved.


Made in India: Let's awaken the patriot sitting inside us and be boastful about Indian techniques and standards of fabric making culture. The abundance of raw material, the different types of looms, amount of hard work, and effectiveness of labour; all of this together make this brand the one to be proud upon.


Fabric Love: If you're a lover of natural fabric and rich textures, this brand is apt for you. Where garments are beautifully made in cotton, linen, and silk especially crafted in southern India sourced from finest of raw material; you know it'd be your most-loved brand to choose from.


Packaging: Once the parcel arrives at your door step, you'd know why this point is mentioned here. DOD is one of the very few brands available that come with the feature of 'attractive packaging'. Traditional Indian motifs printed on quirky boxes; we're sure you wouldn't want to give away those boxes off so easily.


International Classic Style: If you're a looking for smart classic International pattern designs, this brand would do an exact justice to your needs. Being a newbie, the product range needs elaboration, but whatever few pieces are available on the portal, they're sure to catch your interest at a price that's super affordable too.


These reasons surely make this brand one of the top choices for men's wear online shopping portals. To experience this yourself, simply log in to:

-Rashi Gaur

Photo Credits: Tumblr


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