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Five Deadly Fashion Myths

Fashion is an ever-changing process, and to follow it without being blinded by it is definitely an art. Not everyone is blessed with style instincts, and for them, BM is here with its report on the top fashion myths, a majority of stylish people believe in.

fashion myths Busted

fashion myths

MYTH 1 – Denim on Denim is a Big NO

Yes, it is a Myth. Denim has been a classic part of our wardrobes and it has been taking avatars from shirts, to jackets, skirts, corsets and even dresses; these have made a clear way towards experimenting. A denim shirt looks great with a well fitted denim jeans. This ‘all blue’ look spells a chic class style statement that is loved by fashionistas around.

MYTH 2 – Fitted Clothes would make you look Flabby

Layers make you look fat, and so does the flow. Yes! You read it correct. This is a misconception in most of the heavier females that wearing loose and flowy silhouettes would hide your flab under. But the fact is that it would make your frame appear larger than what it actually is. Hence fitted garments that accentuate your curves should be the best choice for curvier women.

MYTH 3 – Gold and Silver can never be Mixed Together

All that glitters is not Gold; It can be Silver as well. But a combination of both is not welcomed as style by a major part of fashion conscious junta. But as per the trend reports and runway reviews, gold and silver are joining hands and are presenting themselves as the ‘Next Big Thing’ together on the style planet. The color combination or simple chunks of jewelry pieces combined together, this pretty combination spell class-apart style.

MYTH – 4 Bold Colors should have Subtle contrast

It’s confidence that should be the major part when you plan your stylish look. Technically, there is no such rule in the style books that bold colors should be teamed up with subtle contrasting shades. We simply love the discovery of ‘Color Blocking’ trend that proves the above mentioned statement, a fashion myth.

MYTH – 5 Horizontal Stripes make you look Fat

More kinds of stripes, more the rules are created about them. But none of these rules reach the style rule books and thus, these are titled as ‘Myths’. One such myth is about horizontal stripes making someone look fat. The fact is that these stripes give a broader and edgier frame to the body, which creates an illusion of sharp body angles. And sharpness is definitely a sign of ‘Fab’ and not ‘Flab’.

-Rashi Gaur


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