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Epilators; 5 popular Myths busted

Unwanted hair! That's probably the biggest irony on today's beauty world and sadly, the topic of almost every 'female group' discussion at point or other. Waxing, Creams, Shaving, Laser; there are more ways to get rid of those unwanted body hair than you've tried. One tried and tested method of removing unwanted body hair is the use of Epilators and the popular myths that prevail in the mindsets about using them.

What is an Epilator?

An epilator is an electrical device used to remove hair by mechanically grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out. The way in which epilators pull out hair is similar to waxing, although unlike waxing, they do not remove cells from the epithelium of the epidermis.


Philips Satinelle Advance

Need to rush for a party and have no time for parlour sessions?? Get rid of all the unwanted hair with the latest range of Satinelle epilators offered by Philips at the comfort of your home. Experience the touch of feather smooth skin like any other method of hair removal using Philips Satinelle Epilators range, recently launched with the brand ambassador Alia Bhatt.


Myth No. 1. The Hair that grow is Thicker.

Truth: Philips Satinelle doesn't break the hair on the surface like shaving, but pulls the hair from the roots. Hence it doesn't affect the growth and the texture of your hair or skin. The softness and gentleness remains intact.


Myth No. 2. You'd have to wait for a Particular Hair Length to use an Epilator and Hair grows back sooner.

Truth: Philips Satinelle helps us achieve soft, hair free skin within minutes without creating any mess. It provides precision to the extent that it extracts even fine of hair of 0.5mm length and the results stay for about 4 weeks without affecting the skin at all.


Myth No. 3. It's Painful.

Truth: Philips Satinelle Advanced has special features to give to a pain free experience. It has gentle tweezing discs remove hairs without pulling the skin As your skin needs protection while removing hair, this epilator head features round, gentle tweezing discs. An innovative feature designed to tighten the skin for a more gentle epilating and it results in further pain reduction.


Myth No. 4. You cannot use it in the Shower unlike a Razor.

Truth: Being cordless and fully waterproof, this epilator can be used in the bath or under the shower for perfect convenience. Plus, This epilator has a washable epilation head. The head can be detached and cleaned under running water for better hygiene.


Myth No. 5. You cannot epilate your Underarms and Bikini Area.

Truth: Philips Satinelle is versatile enough that the epilation head can be replaced with a shaving head for a quick and easy on-the-go shave. Small areas to reach? Armpits, bikini areas? Use the sensitive area cap to gently remove the hair from your sensitive areas with ease. Get smooth skin up to the tiniest detail.

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-Rashi Gaur


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