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Happy People wear Happy Lingerie

Lingerie is a word that is no more hidden inside the closet, under the huge stack of clothes. It has gone beyond the category of 'inner wear'. Today’s women decide their inner-wear according to their moods and occasion. Ask them and they would reveal what the word, ‘Lingerie’ actually means to them. Blah and More brings your way how Lingerie has gone towards a lifestyle statement. 

Appreciate Yourself More: A good bra does more to you than enhancing the shape of your body. All you need is to appreciate yourself more than often, for the reason that you have invested in the right product. And what makes a woman happier than appreciation??

Look Better to Yourself and Others:  One thing that a majority of women forget while dressing up is, feeling beautiful inside. You know you are looking good if you are wearing the right kind of lingerie. Feel happy and flaunt your confidence to the world. Good lingerie would never let you down.

Increased Self-Confidence: A good piece of lingerie would not only make you look good, but also feel good. Thus, making you a happy person. You would fall in love with your smiles. And that ‘killer’ smile says it all.

You’ll be More Comfortable: Bra-straps squishing the shoulders? Or the underwire digging in the rib cage? Uh-oh! You are being fooled big time. A bra has a basic function of providing you comfort, but if your bra is delivering just the opposite, It's high time that you invest in a good lingerie. After all, a comfortable you is finally, the happy and fresh you.

Lingerie is Romantic: One of the most wonderful effect of wearing a 'happy' lingerie is on your mood. On one side, it provides comfort, while at the back side, it caresses your sensuous side. Blame the softness and feminism attached, that he is falling in love with your 'happy' moods, all over again.

Stay Young, Feel Younger: Good lingerie can turn back the age clock. It supports well and keeps you in a good shape, thus delivering happiness to your blood. And a 'Happy' person lives longer. Plus it keeps your bust off from pre-mature ageing and stretch marks.

Improved Sex Life: Make him long for you by wearing the sensuous lingerie pieces and allure the passion in your love making sessions. Laces, Satins, Translucent; there are more ways to flaunt your desires. After all, a confident and 'happy' you, is finally the sexy you.

Rashi Gaur


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