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Lose Yourself and Win Him: Dress Up for Love!

Relationship Guide: dress up for love

How many times you think before you decide upon whether or not to buy a dress? And what comes to your mind, when you finally pay the bill for one? Whatever it may be, we are sure it is not your beau. We try doing everything to create a ‘Happy’ relationship, and to create happiness for our partner. But how many times have we thought about playing dress up for love? Blah and More believes that dressing up for your love can bring your guy closer to you than ever.dress up for love

Dress up for love; The magic wand

Let him do the Talking: Become the girl of his dreams just by adapting an avatar that he always dreamt of. Guys do notice the small things you constantly do to change your look. The only thing they don’t do is ‘Complimenting’. Make him spill out his heart in the form of compliments and take your relationship to a new level.

Radhika Gupta, a PR professional, says, “I always have issues with my husband speaking just a few words every day and it gets worse when I am a total verbose. But I have started asking him almost every day about what should I wear. Now he takes much interest even in the way I should color my talons.”

Control your Wardrobe and Him: Leave all your dilemmas about what to wear and what to spend upon, to past. Forget about spending hours in front of the mirror and move out in confidence. Now you know what to wear for that dinner-date that can make him go crazy.

Hetel Shah, an entrepreneur says, “I always knew that God had been generous towards me when it comes to good looks. But no matter, how much I tried, my fiancé kept finding flaws with my dressing sense. It’s now that I got to know his choice, that I am suddenly the prettiest girl for him. And there are so many dresses that I never tried and was conscious of trying. But he helped me in gaining confidence and now I sport all of them with ease.”

From Attention Seeker to Trophy GF: According to Monica Prakash, a college student, dressing up according to your guy’s choice can save you from being titled as Attention Seeker. “I like dressing up. I can spend hours in front of the mirror to look good and to create a new look each time. But my boyfriend always had issues with my time-consuming dress-up sessions. One day I suggested him to choose a dress for me from my wardrobe. We went out and I gained all the attention and stares. He felt obsessive but proud on me for being his Trophy Girlfriend. I fell in love with that ‘jealous me’ look on his face”, she says.

So, How many of you are playing 'dress up for love' tonight? 😉

Rashi Gaur


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