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Dot Com Love: 16 Reasons why Online Shopping is Better

We’re the digital generation clutched badly with a syndrome of ‘lack of time’. Where we’re getting far from the real world, everything else is much closer and within our reach. Yes! We’re talking about online shopping and BM is exploring more than one aspect of it for all you fashionistas.


1.       Loads of options on single screen and you can check out more than one online store at the same time. Now isn’t this an interesting option to be virtually present everywhere? 😉


2.       Unlike the shopping mall, here you don’t have to feel embarrassed that you’ve checked out 100 products but bought none. You can still smile keeping your dignity safe.

3.       It’s not tiring at all. Though if you're a true fashionista, you'd love to boast your blisters after a heavy shopping spree. The online experience may give you pain in your pockets, but your feet are absolutely relaxed.


4.       You can try it even ten times and ask all of your friends and still, return it. Thanks to the awesome Return and Exchange policies of e-commerce businesses.


5.       It saves you from office boredom and you can still pretend that you’re working. Yes! With a bitchy smile, we’d love to do this, but cautiously. Your bosses would appreciate your dedication towards your computer screens.


6.       Once you order the product on COD, and you’ve found something better elsewhere, you really don't need to buy it. You can always send the person back without keeping it in your closet unused for years. There isn’t a better way to avoid wardrobe clutter.


7.       It saves money as you won’t be spending on coffee or lunches during your shopping day out.


8.       It helps in playing ‘The Secret Admirer’ in a better way. You know what we mean 😉


9.       No one is going to see you in an envious way or rather with evil eye when you come back home with heaps of shopping bags. Everything that you’ve bought is safe.


10.   Here’s the new online shopping rule. You can shop every day. All smiles going brighter!


11.   Window shopping is more fun online as you’re not going to feel helpless noticing the ‘Rich Hot Bitch’ carrying shopping bags and who still wants to shop more.


12.   Trust us on this one; there is no joy more than the one you feel when you receive your order. No wonder, you might wait for the delivery guy more than your beau ringing the doorbells.


13.    Don’t we simply hate those store guards who stop us from entering our favorite stores with our much loved coffee mugs in hand? You can now shop online while eating, drinking, and crying, working or whatever and no one is going to stop you from entering the store.


14.   Hi Ma’am! May I help you? Don’t you feel like punching her hard in face for being super sweet? Thanks to this digital scenario that you don’t have to deal with unwelcomed sales staff that is desperate to help you in choosing your products.


15.   These online stores never shut off. You can shop at 4 a.m. too.


16.   You don’t have to wait for the seasonal sale period. There are websites that run on a ‘365 days discount’ format. Yes! You’ve read that right!


-Rashi Gaur


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