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Talk of the Town: Distressed Denims

Denim is one trend that never goes out of vogue. Be it any season or occasion, you are a male or a female, a well fitted pair of denim jeans is a must to have. And the reasons are well seen with each pair. It is comfortable enough to be worn every day and also, it does not require too much of a handling. Since its presence in the market, it has been taking a lot of avatars. Starting from a pair of jeans to a skirt and even shorts, denim can be seen everywhere. But the most common and the oldest version has always been a pair of denim jeans with experimentations made in the fits and looks available.

The latest verve in the fashion world is a pair of “Distressed Denims”. The rough and destroyed look of the jeans, actually gives it a stylish and casual feel. You can team them up with a funky t-shirt and you are ready to rock the town.

You can choose a pair that fits you well and goes perfect with your personality. Almost every denim brand is serving the shelves with this hot trend. You know what you have to aim at, the next time you are out on a denim shopping spree.

How to make your very own pair at home

So what if a pile of denim is occupying a lot of space in your wardrobe? Buying a new pair all together would not be a sensible thing to do and that too, when you have a budget to splash on a plenty of other things. You can make your very own pair of distressed denims at home. All you need is just a bit of creativity.

Things you need: An old pair of jeans that fits well, Sandpaper and a smooth surface.

How to do: Take your old pair of denim jeans and decide the places to be distressed. You can choose the knee and thigh combination, with uneven and unmatched distressing. Place the denim in the upside-up position on a smooth and flat surface. Take sandpaper and start eroding the fabric with rigorous motion against the weave. You can clip the jeans to keep it stuck to the surface. With regular friction created between the jeans and the sandpaper, the fabric will start distressing. To give it a more natural look, choose unparalleled places.

Your distressed denim is ready. Create a chic look by teaming it up with a flashy top or keep it simple and casual with a t-shirt.



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  • Amandeep Kaur

    That’s fantastic……. thanx for the idea….
    Keep it up :)

    • rashi

      Thank you so much Amandeep Kaur..
      Appreciation is always good to hear..
      And we are sure that you are simply going to love out next issue stories..More interesting DIY’s coming for you..
      We are ready and would be up by next week :)

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