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Express Love by the way you Dress- Synchronised Clothing

The way you dress up, presents your personality. It tells the world about what you are. It gives your first impression to the society. But have you ever pondered upon the idea that the way you dress up, can actually affect your relationship with your beau?

Synchronised Clothing is the new mantra of 'Togetherness'. Dressing up in sync with your partner can boost up your relationship. You can choose the levels of synchronisation according to your mood and convenience. Take colors, or print patterns, every way speaks a language of love. Blah and More reveals the top three reasons, why couples are choosing this trend.

Love is in the Air

A very cute couple entered the place. Everyone just turned around and looked at them. A 'not-that-hyped' style, but there was something in them that made everyone believed, “They are so-much in Love”. No PDAs were required, only clothing created the magic. Both of them were wearing the same T-shirt, I noticed later. According to relationship expert, Dr. Sameer Malhotra, wearing the same kind of clothes helps in looking at each other more often. "Couples look at each other imagining about their own look, in front of the world.", he says.

Swati Khanna, Marketing Professional says, “I know I look good in this, and then I look at my boyfriend. I get more confidence, because he too looks superb in the same.”

Hassle-Free Clothing

My husband's best-friend and his wife came over for a dinner party. Both looked stunning together. I teased the wife, “So both decided wearing black today; Nice!”.

“Nah! He wore Black and I followed him in choosing the same color. I was too tired to ponder upon what to wear. So found this, an easy way to choose" she answered.

Deciding what to wear becomes a tedious task, especially for working women. You can try this option and create a hassle-free styling.

Feel Connected

Couples today are too busy with their work lives, that they find it hard to spend quality time with their partners. According to Dr. Malhotra, dressing up in sync with your beau would not make much of a difference, but somehow, it would remain in his mind for the enitre day, that you tried matching up to his clothing styles. Men appreciate the little things you would do for them.

Sandeep Kumar, an IT profesional says, “ My wife decides that atleast one day of the week we wear the same color clothing. And that day I keep missing her, while at work. Whenever I see my reflection in the mirror, I realize that she is also glowing in love today, wearing the same color.”

Rashi Gaur


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