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Come, Fall in Love with “The Blue Book”

Marriages are made in heaven, but are planned on this very planet earth. Everything, from decor to music and food; each and everything smiles in joy. And if you're the bride or the groom of the grandeur, you become the star of the event. 

For a bride to be, nothing can be ignored, as she has to look at her best the given day. Everything from apparels to shoes and make-up; she just has to look like a princess who has just discovered a never-ending love for her prince. Then comes jewelry! of course, none of the look is complete without accessories and precious and semi-precious traditional jewelry becomes an apt choice for the bride.

I got married almost 5 years ago with the love of my life. In a similar scenario where I was the most beautiful princess ready to be taken away by my prince charming. Everything was so serene and beautiful that I cannot forget that day my entire life. One of the most beautiful days of my life. 

Why am I suddenly taking about mariages and love? Not that I am not romantic by nature, but today when I saw The Blue Book by Bluestone people, I simply wanted to get married all over again and wanted to fall in love with my beau, again and again! 



The Blue Book is a catalogue, Lookbook or a coffee table book by; the jewelry paradise available online. This Book is based on 3 themes – WEDDING BELLS, COSMO CULTURE and LOVELORE and has all the pretty pieces possible in jewelry section. 




Starting from romantic dinner dates and day time movies, this book takes you to a beautiful journey from courtship to pre-wedding events and even honeymoon. 





And of course, each and every moment in a love relationship has been captured in beautiful shots at exotic locations, filled with love and beautiful jewelry pieces by


I have definitely caught the #BlueBookFever and have even figured out what I am asking for as a gift from hubby, on our anniversary. Lovely jewelry pieces filled with love from And all you lovely readers out there, Get yourself bitten by the love bug and dare to fall in love once again! :)


-Xo, Rashi

BlueStone houses more than 3000 unique designs for an individual to choose from. These designs are crafted to perfection with utmost care for our customers who also have the flexibility to customize the product’s gold colour or diamond clarity to suit their needs.

With an in-house award-winning design team that pays great attention to detail, each piece is a symbol of perfection. Also, with its cutting edge innovation and latest technology usage, BlueStone makes sure the brilliance is well reflected in all its jewellery. The company offers some of the industry first options to its customers like the 30 Day Money Back Policy, Lifetime Exchange on all its products, BlueFew Loyalty Programme and Free Home Try On.
The brand BlueStone stands for “Pure Jewellery For Real Love” – a wide range of contemporary jewellery to trigger spontaneous expressions. 


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