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No More “Gray Scale” for Men

Ever wondered why each piece in your dad’s closet look just the same? Because the only set of colours that prevailed in the men’s fashion category was of Black, Brown and Grey. But Men are no more stuck in the dark environment of Black Family. Time has changed and more colours are added to the Male wardrobes successfully.

According to the trend reports, the year 2012 has come with a colourful concept of fashion. Men have been experimenting with colours like Red, Green, Orange and Violet in the form of Polo-neck T-shirts. But designers have made loud colours like Orange, Yellow, Maroon and even Fuchsia, walk the ramps, worldwide.

All for Ramp

Men’s Designer Collection from Roberto Cavalli and Prada has formal Blazer suits in feminine colour hues like Blue, Yellow and Maroon. Our votes go to the delicious Yellow Structured Suit by Lanvin.

Around the Necks

Apart from the ramp, men are trying their hands upon spreading different colours in the form of accessories.  A bright coloured print or chequered scarf can do stylish justice to a usual jeans –tee look. Our experts suggest a bold coloured scarf, draped around the neck, over a basic t-shirt for a casual day out.

More Colours

“Blue” was the only synonym left for a denim jeans. People who loved change, moved to Black. But the latest entry to the denim section is Green, Red, Yellow and Orange. Not only these colours are bright, they also have the power to look fresh during scorching summer-heat. Go ahead and own a pair to suit your personality and mood. The latest entry to men’s fashion is “Chinos”. These are light weight cotton pants, and is apt for this summer season. These can be worn for a casual day out, or can be teamed up with a formal shirt to make them a stylish work-wear. Our Team simply love the latest collection of “Chinos” by Ralph Lauren.

Swear By Accessories

Another new trend that has been noticed in men fashion is accessories. Everywhere men are seen experimenting with new styles and patterns of accessories, in footwear and bags category. Our favourite ones are Nike Neon Range, which has men’s footwear range in every possible rainbow colour.

Feet Dipped in Colours

For a casual summer day, nothing is more comfortable to your feet than a pair of open sandals. They are trendy enough to be teamed up with any attire, and are colourful to bring a contrasting effect to your everyday style quotient.  We, at Blah and More just can’t take our eyes off from the interesting sandal Collection by Prada.


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