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Color me Happy – Colored Pants – Every day is a fashion Show!

How many of you get intimidated by runaway trends? People have a notion about fashion being a fad and only till runaway. Trust me, It is not only about strutting on the ramp, celebrity stories, paparazzi and media mileage. That is not the end of story. It is about how you take it from runaway to reality. It is about making it your own and not getting intimidated by it.

I do not succumb to trends. I am not a fashion victim but sometimes few trends really take my breath away. My life is beyond runaway. I love to experiment and define myself.

You know how coloured pants have become a rage and taken the world of fashion by storm. They seem to be omnipresent. I love hyperbole. I love the drama on clothes but no drama in real life *wink* There are times when I hit the rock bottom and feel dejected. But there are few petty things like a splash of color that are a perfect antidote to this.

Exude confidence and embrace fashion but the right way! Here is what you need to know.

Image Source: Isdstyle

– Keep it simple and you can never go wrong with them. Tone down the look with neutrals or a top in muted tones. A structured jacket or a blazer will pull the look together.

– Incorporating these with prints is a great way for an edgy look. Pair them with printed tops in polka dots, stripes or animal prints. A good chunky jewelry is an easy way to anchor the look.

–  Are you bold and do you like to create a statement? Color blocking trend is here for a while. Mix and match two or three colors for a head turning ensemble. I wont like it if you mix too many colors and go overboard with accessories. Sorry, I know I can be a dictator of taste.

Image Source: Zara Color Pants Look Book

Colored pants give me a serious jolt of color that only revs me up on a dull and gloomy day. They just color me happy and add vibrancy to my everyday look. So, voila, I am all set to strut everyday whether I am at work or out for a party.


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