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Cinema adding Fuel to our Dosti-Express

Good times or Bad, “Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai”; Airtel couldn’t be me more right. Be it your first shot at bunking classes or that date which made you feel nervous; if it wasn’t for your buddy by your side these moments wouldn’t have been fun. Friendship is the only bond which is mostly cherished and valued more than the ones to which we are tied by blood.

With the pre dominance of cut throat competition amidst us we seem to have left our friends far behind. Is that how it should be? BM says No! So to shake you off your slumber as BM decided to use a spell which never fails CINEMA!! Yes the Baap of all remedies. We bring together a collection of 6 Classic Bollywood movies which depict the most beautiful stories of Friendship.


  1. Dosti (1964) – If this timeless masterpiece directed by Satyen Bose doesn’t warm your heart, you are in a serious need to shake your emotions up. It is the story of two differently disabled friends Ramu and Mohan; one blind and the other crippled fighting the baggage of fate thrown upon them in the ruthless streets of Mumbai. The sacrifices and the losses that life claimed from them didn’t deter their friendship. This movie defines an ideal friendship in the most heart wrenching manner.


  1. Sholay (1975) – The name says it all. The oomph and bare guts of Jai coupled with the wittiness and humorous side of Veeru could be the best turn on ever for a Bollywood Buff. The story created such a stir that “Jai Veeru” became metaphorical references to true Friendship. Not to forget Basanti’s Dhanno was the show stealer in true sense 😉


  1. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander (1992) – If you have a 'Bro' you’ll know why this movie made it to our list. As annoying as they could get most of the times we cannot deny that Brothers are strong potential candidates for being BFFs. Don’t agree with us? Watch this movie! A brother as a true friend motivates his reckless and carefree brother to win the Inter School Bicycle Race which has always been their Father’s dream. Aamir Khan didn’t just sweep us off our feet with his cuteness but the zeal and passion enacted by him blew our heads off. Hats off to this story!


  1. Dil Chahta Hai (2001) – If you’ve had that one friend who is a Jerk or a Bitch magnet and would never learn a lesson unless he/ she has faced shit practically; you would love to watch this story again and again and again until you’re drop dead. Seriously you ain’t need no dope to watch this movie repeatedly. Farhaan Akhtar surely knows how to hit the chord right.


  1. Jaane Tu ya jaane Na (2008) – Ever fell in love with your Best friend? If yes then the cupid’s tale of Jai and Aditi’s love story is a quite a fun story you wouldn’t have missed. Their story tickles you and even makes you cry at moments. You wouldn’t just be seeing the good girl but also shades of envy and jealous feelings showcased perfectly. The climax of the story is the show stealer, hands down!

yeh jawaani hai deewani

  1. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013) – Hoots and Whistle is what we’ve got for this charming fairy tale like story of a bubbly nerd next door who found friends when she least expected. All it took was a trip to change Naina’s and Bunny’s life forever. This story is a rollercoaster of feelings which only gets you Happy High.

Now that we have the list ready for you, BM says pick up your phone and call up all your friends for a movie marathon with Cheesy Popcorns and get the party started this Friendship’s Day. Live, laugh and adore Friends because they make our lives beautiful. 

Rashmi Singh


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