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Chic Denim Commandments

Denim being one of the oldest fabrics known has become one of the most used fashion textile. And with its ubiquitous nature, it is prone to fashion fiascos of the highest order. And the chances of going denim-disaster are much higher with the fairer sex. This read would equip you with the core of denim for women, hence referenced as “commandments”


1.       Thou must know your fit

It is an absolute must for you to know your fit and more importantly your body (Let us re-emphasize ABSOULTE MUST to know your fit). Denim should always flatter your body type.  Ensure style trends or fads; don’t push into a fit which is not you. Remember, style is always personal and there is nothing more personal than a pair of denim.

2.       Thou should invest in classic dark denim jeans

Like LBD (little black dress) is a must have wardrobe investment in any chic closet, so is a pair of dark denim jeans. Dark jeans are the easiest to dress up or dress down and work splendid at most occasions. Since it’s a wardrobe requisite ensure: right brand, impeccable quality and flawless fit goes on with this one.

3.       Thou must own a pair of denim shorts

Denim shorts are the new chic hot pants. From being a fashion forward accessory, it has mainstreamed into a must-have. Perfect for summers and works brilliantly with woollens leggings in fall; In case if you still don’t have one, buy one or make one (all it takes is pair of scissors and streak of creativity)

4.       Thou shall ensure boyfriend jeans shalt not make you the boyfriend

Just because you think jeans are casual and to top it all, you are wearing the boyfriend fit, it doesn’t give you license to ‘turn hobo’. Jeans, no matter how comfortable, should not be translated into blue pyjamas. Keep it chic, not matter the fit – keep the blouse interesting, spice it up with snazzy shoes, accessorize & the list goes on.


5.       Thou should know denim is more than a pair of jeans

Think beyond a pair of jeans, there’s a ton that you can do with denim – cute overalls, jackets, dresses, corsets et al. Not everything will work with you but try adding new forms of denim to you style. It is exhilaratingly fun!!

6.       Thou must know denim is NOT just blue

Given denim basically works in hues and tones of indigo, but this shouldn’t hinder your love for colour. For denims, colour is the new blue and this trend has just started. It is time to move beyond the mundane shades of blue and bring in the other shades of the colour wheel. From neon coloured shorts to printed jeans, it’s out there for your picking. And as a popular jeans brand states “Go Forth” (and splurge into colour).

7.       Thou shall know the power of denim

Denim remains to be the most under-stated fashion element in a wardrobe unless you know how to yield its power. The same denim jeans can be as perfect for a workaholic day at office as it will remain spectacular for a night out with friends. But as Spidey was once advised “with great power comes great responsibility”, ensure you toe the line between fashionably bold and just out of place.

Rashi Gaur


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