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So here is Blah and More’s first issue.

I know you are already reading it and soon, it would become a part of your regular readings too. But before moving further, let me introduce to you this whole new world, which is nothing but a bit of “Blah” and a lot ‘More’ interesting things that you always wanted to read. So basically, it’s a magazine for readers who like to know more about the latest trends, style patterns, and everything about fashion. ...

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Is Red the new Black?

“When in doubt, wear Black” are the words all of us have been swearing by. We have been taught by our lot of seniors that Black is a color that matches up with every hue and shade. Let it be a formal party, or a candle light dinner, choosing black is as old as is the idea of such events. But according to the latest trends and poll, people everywhere have started accepting other bold counter part ...

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