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Three Reasons Why I Love ‘ZARA’

The 'Magic' called Zara Sometimes I do not understand how people can shop their entire look in just half an hour’s time. Either they do not like shopping, or they believe in their ‘Cult Brand’ too much to try the others. I can empathise with those people whenever I enter any zara store. For me shopping is the second name for ‘Religion’ and considering Zara, a Mecca of i ...

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Five Deadly Fashion Myths

Call it an assumption or a wrong perception, the world of fashion is flooded with confusions that are termed as 'Fashion Myths'. Let BM help you in letting those myths away from your minds. ...

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Talking of Fashion..

Serving fashion, yet again.. If we had to call ‘Life’ with some different name, ‘change’ would be an apt choice for me. Change in weather, change in moods, change in habits…and these days, even shopping is treating me with change. The sale season is gone and the outlets are filled with changed merchandise, which is spelling the ‘drool’ in bold font. This month was ...

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We all have a muse – Blake Lively

Style Inspiration - Blake Lively I am sure everyone has something that inspires them. From photographers to designers to stylists everyone in the industry uses references and have an inspiration that comes from somewhere. You will see designers getting inspired from the contemporary art or rural traditions. Even John Galliano's show for his label and for Dior in the past were influenced by a documentary ...

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My Journey with The ‘Little Black Dress’

Oh! My Little Black Dress..I love thee..!! The days have been dull and drab and the scorching heat has made it even worse. But I have my drugs like fashion, brutal workout and coffee that keep me going. Also, I am getting over the trends frenzy. Guess, I can’t hold on to one thing for long. I need some antidote to avoid banalities of life and something that will make me go gaga. Anyway, coming back to ...

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Living in the World of Plastics

  After a long weekend of work and meeting deadlines, I finally got to laze around the house and unwind myself.     Sometimes I don't like to play dress up and hit the party. I do enjoy being on my own. 'N' always joins me but this time I decided to spend a day with myself. It is all about being comfortable with yourself, being alone and still not feel lonely. After all, there is ...

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Speak Style: From A to Z

Year 2012 is half way gone, and we just realized that the time is already too less to try your hand on all the trends. Blah and More brings this A-Z of Styles and Trends in 2012. Adore them more, the BM way. A – Asymmetric Lengths- These look chic and sexy, creating an urban and stylish look. An asymetric pattern skirt or a blouse is seen everywhere on the style planet. B - Braids, Buns and ...

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Shop My Closet

Dress like a Total Knockout: Get Skirty and Flirty "Whoever said, money cant buy happiness didn't know where to shop" Lately I have been snowed under with work. Not that this bothers me but time is fleeting and things have been going haywire. I have been down in the dumps but then there are always little things in life that rev up your life. I hunker down to write, 'Born to Die' by Lana Del ray is playing i ...

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Color me Happy – Colored Pants – Every day is a fashion Show!

How many of you get intimidated by runaway trends? People have a notion about fashion being a fad and only till runaway. Trust me, It is not only about strutting on the ramp, celebrity stories, paparazzi and media mileage. That is not the end of story. It is about how you take it from runaway to reality. It is about making it your own and not getting intimidated by it. I do not succumb to trends. I am not a ...

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