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Baby Delivery: Different Child-Birth Methods

Pregnancy, the most beautiful phase of a woman's life is followed by the magic of her child's birth. After around 40 weeks of keeping and nurturing the baby in her womb, finally comes the time of bringing that baby to this world. But bringing your baby to this world is not an easy cake. It requires the 'infamous' labour pain and different techniques and methods. Let's learn more about di ...

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Chic Denim Commandments

Denim being one of the oldest fabrics known has become one of the most used fashion textile. And with its ubiquitous nature, it is prone to fashion fiascos of the highest order. And the chances of going denim-disaster are much higher with the fairer sex. This read would equip you with the core of denim for women, hence referenced as “commandments” 1.     ...

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Fashion and More at Amazon India Fashion Week AW’15

Fashion is not a new term for India. The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) has been conducting this fashion extravaganza called India Fashion Week for the past 25 years now. Extremely talented designers showcasing their beautiful creations at a ‘larger than life’ event; India Fashion Week has been the biggest fashion event in the country ever since. This year the FDCI celebrated 25 years of ...

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With the monsoon on its way; it’s time to pack up those sultry dresses and the towering heels. But Hello! Since when has a shift in the weather bothered a true fashionista? BM says let’s not dress down this monsoon. Let’s walk down the street in oomph and style and get drenched in the showers. Make way for the five best monsoon additions to your closet that we have brought together for you ...

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