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Six Must-Have Bra Styles

A brassiere or bra is that intimate part of your clothing which not only gives a proper shape to your body but it is also the first garment that informs you about even an inch lost or gained. It is that essential part of you that has the powers to boost up or kill your confidence levels just by being a part of your everyday dressing. Every woman needs one that fits her body and gives her that perfect shape. But not every woman is same when comes to structure. Many of the females find selecting a bra, the most difficult task. Even after knowing their sizes and perfect fit, many women do the blunder of not selecting their undergarment, according to their attire. Here is the perfect style guide that would introduce you to six most essential and different bra styles for every woman.

Push-up Bra: This type of bra is an apt piece for Indian dresses where your body needs that fuller appearance. Women, who are fond of wearing low and deep neck lines, should opt for this style of bra to do justice to the dress by accentuating your cleavage. This bra enhances the shape of your breasts and gives your body that curvaceous look. This bra is often called as a Demi-Cup bra because it can add even a whole cup size to your look. A huge variety of push-up bras is available in the market. You can choose from a light padded version to the silicon and gel based filling cups. Also you can find this style of bra with or without underwire, depending upon the support needed.

Underwire Bra: For all you females who worry about their sagging breasts, this style of bra is a must for you. This bra gives that required boost and support to your twins and helps in preventing further sagging. A perfect piece that suits every attire, be it Indian or Western. You can find a variety of styles in this particular segment. Underwire bras are available with or without padding, in a huge variation of fabric and detailing. If we have cotton and hosiery bras, we also have satin and lacy bras. The lingerie range is full of exciting colours that adds up to the style quotient.

Lace Bra: A lace bra, as the name suggests, is made up of laces and ribbons. It is made for females who believe in the phrase, “lesser, the better”. This bra is made to accentuate your assets behind a thin and translucent layer of detailing done majorly in net and lace fabric. The basic function of this bra is to provide the desired oomph factor to your body and to provide support to your twins. This style of bra not only works as a mood elevator, but also provides support to your twins. For females who are slightly heavier on their upper part, can pick a piece with an underwire attached. You can choose your piece from a variety of styles and colours available abundantly in the market.

T-shirt Bra: Ever felt embarrassed while wearing a body hugging t-shirt and the seam-line of your inner garment is prominently visible? If your answer is yes, then this style of bra is a perfect solution to your problem. The t-shirt bra is a seamless bra which is generally made as a single piece garment without much stitching done. It is the best inner garment for tight and body hugging clothes, as it provides an invisible look and great shape. Different types of t-shirt bras are available in the market. The variations include an invisible underwire for extra support and padded version for accentuated cleavage. You can choose a t-shirt bra according to your requirements in your favourite color and can wear body hugging attires without the fear of embarrassment.

Sports Bra: Almost every woman has felt an embarrassment during any time of her life with the jiggling of her assets while being physically active. And women who are heavier on their upper side are more prone to such situation. For all you females who are physically more active and who participate more in physical exercises, a sports bra is a must-to-have. It is specially designed for females with heavy bust line, to provide extra support and prevent jiggling. This bra also prevents the damage of the tissues and ligaments of your breasts and hence avoids pre-mature sagging. A large variety of sports bras is available in the market. You can choose the one that fits you properly and can be happily active.

Detachable Straps Bra/ Strapless Bra: If you are among those females who like to experiment with their wardrobes a detachable strap bra is an apt piece for you. This style of a bra can be worn in different styles and has the ability to provide support under a number of dresses in different silhouettes. Whether you need to flaunt your Halter neck tunic, or it is a tube dress, this bra would do justice to your look. The best part about this piece is that it can be worn in a number of styles. You can create a strapless bra, a halter neck bra, and a transparent strap bra, all with one single piece. This bra also comes with a choice of padded and non-padded version and an underwire option. You can choose your apt piece out of a range of beautiful colours.

Lingerie which was just an undergarment in yesteryears is now a style statement and a need-to-have accessory. It is now considered the base of your garment on which depends the whole outer look. All these styles of bra are made after understanding the difference in the structures and shapes of different women all over the world. Choosing a bra that is made for your body type and that fits perfectly is now quite easy. All you need is to understand your need and the purpose a particular style of bra serves. The market is full of an entire range of comfortable and attractive lingerie, in a number of world renowned brands.


Rashi Gaur


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