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Make it Fit Like a Dream!

Apart from being beautiful and comfortable, your bra should be of the right size. Most of us pick up, what pleases the eyes and buy a couple, without sparing some extra time at the fitting room. Little do we know, what we are signing up for!

There’s nothing more essential than choosing a bra which is just perfect in size, style, fabric and fit. Follow this guide to get it right and to make you feel good inside and outside.

To begin with, wear the best fitting non-padded bra you own, which neither squishes the cups nor has the underwire poking you.

With the help of a measuring tape, measure your chest size making sure that the tape is placed under your armpits but at the top of your bust, around your back. This is for measuring the band size. If you get an even number, it is your band size and if odd, add 1 to it to get your band size. Band size will always be an even number.

For your cup size, measure along the fullest part of your bust, keeping the tape parallel to the ground. The difference of the band size and the chest size is your actual cup size. If the difference is 1, 2, 3 or 4 then the cup sizes are A, B, C and D respectively.

These sizes coupled together, decide your bra size to be 34 B, 36 A or 32 D.  Lingerie is best, if worn of the right size and fit.  All you beautiful ladies out there take this preventive measure and keep breast lumps and cancer away!



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