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BPFT’12 Diaries – Nida Mahmood

Designer Nida Mahmood smiling pretty during green room session

A yellow pleated skirt with black basic camisole gave Nida Mahmood a cute 'girl-next-door' look as she entered the Press Conference lobby at The Leela, Bengaluru. I have attended a couple of shows earlier and now can say that Nida is definitely a designer for youth. Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2012 (Bangalore) made me meet Nida, not as a designer, but as a 'Girl with Dreams'. Her Collection at BPFT 'Bun Maska' is colorful, full of life, bohemian; and in one phrase, 'Very Young'. The collection included sarees, kaftans and tunics depicting a fusion of contemporary and modern India, but my eyes glued to the Tie and Dye shirts. And I know very soon, I would have them as a part of my closet. 

The least available resource these days is Time. And though, we too were bound, I got a chance to do a little chit-chat session with the pretty designer. One thing that accompanied me while this conversation was a charming face and a pretty smile. 

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Style in terms of Nida: What style to me is, I would say, I live for it (smiles). But expressing oneself without going out of the box is style. One's style should be a part of his/her personality but it should not be followed blindly. Style should express your personality without saying. 

Nida finds inspiration in:  I find my inspiration in India as a whole. The streets, the people, the colors, the festivals; everything inspires me. Each collection of Nida Mahmood depicts another chapter from India and her culture.

One word for my collection: The apt word would be 'Boho-chic'.

One Style Philosophy: Style always depicts who you are.

One word for Nida Mahmood as a person: Bohemian


Compiled and Edited by- Rashi Gaur



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