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Bollywood Diaries: 10 reasons why we loved Finding Fanny

Everywhere I go, I've encountered people with mixed reviews for the movie Finding Fanny. For me personally, the film stands a class apart. Homi Adajania hit a hat trick for me with this one. The way he craftily weaves the languorous characters that are seemingly adrift in their lives to ultimately leave on their journey together is incredible. The 5 cast members who seem quite unassuming but don't let that fool you. 

What makes the movie truly appealing is the fact that they all, so different from one another, are in the search for the same goal in life- Validation/ Acknowledgement. Like, for Deepika the validation comes from finally understanding that even if love doesn't come knocking, you knock, even if there is no door. Finding Fanny is one of those few rare satires; a metaphor if you will, to their road of self discovery. 

Here are my top 10 reasons why I loved the movie:


1. Quirky characters and their eccentricities. That is precisely what I expect when I go to see a Homi Adajania movie and this is what I got. Remember the cat?


2. The beautiful cinematography, the lush greens of the Goan landscape. 


3. The styling of the characters, especially Naseeruddin Shah. Those pleated trousers with those checkered shirts and a bow tie; Personification of an adult child. 



4. Deepika's dresses. If I didn't mention that, then this list would have been incomplete. Anaita Shroff outdid herself with the girl-next-door look for Deepika and deserves the credit. 


5. The script- quick, witty, sarcastic and real all at the same time. 

arjun kapoor finding fanny

6. Arjun Kapoor's very restrained acting style. He portrays vulnerability like a very few can. 


7. Pankaj Kapoor. Now the obsessed painter who paints exaggerated portraits of voluptuous women he came off as quite the creep, but I think he reminded me of Jack Nicholson and that in itself is not a small feat.


8. The duration of the movie- crisp, clear, neither slow nor rushed- 93 minutes. 


9. Naseeruddin's vocals. I'm not sure if you noticed it or not but he had toned down his baritone voice just so that he could justify his vulnerability.


10. The use of the English language. There was not a single moment in the movie that made the audience cringe when the actors spoke in English. The syntax was beautifully vernacular. 

I am looking forward to seeing it again over the weekend with my friends. Just kick back, grab my pop corn and maybe- just maybe, Find my Fanny

Ravneet Kochar 

Guest Contributor



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