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BMLifestyle: How I changed my life using Mobile Shopping Apps

Online shopping is now well accepted in our country. We have more loved reasons to shop online starting from sitting in our own comfort zones, to saving a lot of time and shop as much as we want.

But who could have ever thought that Online Shopping could be your savior in your everyday routine life? All thanks to the new version of online shopping; the mobile apps! Yeah, you’ve read it right! Your everyday BFF in situations you could have never thought!


So it happened with me one fine day in the crowded corporate sector of Bengaluru city. I was new to almost every phase of myself. Newly wedded, newly joined corporate and new in the city too. Where I did not have many friends and I missed my Delhi shopping badly, I had to adjust myself to the ‘not so creative’ and mundane corporate job with my newly set up home.


My everyday routine included waiting desperately to reach office while knowing that you’re already running in late, apart from usual work and households.

Here’re a few instances when ‘Online Shopping Apps’ of various e-retailers like, Myntra and all came to my rescue and gathered my world together. wink




I was never Alone: Much had been heard about Bengaluru’s traffic and worse auto-rickshaw situations. But the day I had started my research on what to buy using Mobile Shopping Apps, I never bothered about any of these problems. No boredom, no stress; I always reached office with a smile. Of course I knew I am smiling because I had just discovered the perfect LBD. But people always got positive vibes from me. cheeky



I was much regular to my work: I started enjoying my 9-5 mundane hours in office. To an extent, the reason was ‘Waiting for the Delivery Guy’ every other day. Also, I had to flaunt my shopping spree to the fairer crowd at work; I always reached office well dressed and confident. My boss loved me however, I loved my shopping apps. wink




Strong Relationships: Being recently married, I had fewer chances to impress my hubby. I had heard about surprises being loved in both men and women, I thought of surprising him with some online shopping. He loved the shirt and watch I had got for him. Moreover, he loved the idea of ‘not being dragged along’ for shopping sprees. cheeky



#ItsPersonal: This one is the best reason why I love boasting about these apps. It happened one day when I had to see this distant relative from my hubby’s side but I hardly knew anyone. Also, it was a working day, so I had to take a half day from work to reach there directly. While everyone was busy exchanging salutations and gossiping about everyone who wasn’t there, I simply made an excuse of some urgent mails I had to send. But still #ItsPersonal as no one has any clue till date, about the things I had bought that day. laugh





Let’s shop Together: Yeah! That’s what me and my bestie sitting in Delhi say to each other, every second day. She’s also a shopaholic (well, who isn’t?) like me, and is also fond of mobile shopping. We both send screen shots to each other and confirm on the styling part, before confirming our orders. Thanks to such awesome apps that I am always with my girlies while spending on stunning items. My favourite people, with my favourite things; all within the reach of my thumb! cool


See, how a routine life can be transformed using your everyday technology! Mobile shopping apps came to my rescue and my life became easier, convenient and happy, all at the same time! Now it’s your turn! Make your shopping spree a life-changing event for you. Happy Spending! 

Rashi Gaur


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