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BM Review: Maharaja Whiteline Presico Garment Steamer

We all know the feel of buying new clothes; the shine, the fragrance of freshness, and the smoothness of 'newness'. Of course, we shopaholics know this heaven more than anybody else. Buying new clothes often is a different story all together. What about retaining the 'new' feel to your garments?

Maharaja Whiteline, a pretty known name in the Electronic Appliances category recently launched their line of electronic steamers. And I got to lay my hands on one of their finest products, The Presico Garment Steamer.


This product acts as a savior to your garments by removing wrinkles and odour and giving them a fresh new look.

It happened to me recently that I had to attend a wedding function and I had reached the place just on the day of Sangeet. However, my lehenga was ready and fitted me well, the travelling made it look crushed and wrinkly, badly. Unfortunately I didn't have much time on my hands to go to a drycleaning store or laundry and get it steam ironed.


My cousin came to my rescue when she introduced to me her styling saviour, the Maharaja Whiteline Presico Garment Steamer. I belong to retail industry and have often seen a similar product at retail stores, but I couldn't have ever imagined that such product line has been launched for home and personal use too.

I was too glad and started using the product on my lehenga. All I needed was a hanger and a surface to hang my garment on. The vertical steam plate made me use the product very conveniently and effectively.


The steam pipe is long enough for bigger garments like sarees or lehengas, and extremely light-weight to be used without hassles.

I even noticed its compact design so that the product can not only be used by everybody, but also can be stored easily. The top handle makes it very convenient to be carried and moved easily.


The attachments that come along make it the best product ever. The fabric brush is used on your garments while there is also an upholstery brush that can be used on your curtains and sofa sets.

I am in awe of this product and if you're a fashionista or style conscious by nature, this is a must-have product for your daily needs.

-Rashi Gaur


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