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BM CONVERSATIONS: Yogesh Chaudhary of ‘Surendri’

India has potential to become one of the world's fashion capital, says Yogesh Chaudhary of label Surendri fame. 


Yogesh Chaudhary

BM: Each creative mind needs an inspiration and muse. Tell us the story behind the birth of Surendri.

Yogi: There is no story as such (yes mundane I know) but it was just very instinctive. I always knew from a peculiarly young age that I would do something in the Creative field. Designing came gradually after that and there was “no looking back.”


BM: If you were to travel back in time; we would want to know how you felt watching your first collection showcased on the ramp of an International fashion week.

Yogi: That is such an emotional feeling for me.  And also since it was my first ever collection even before I showed at Fashion Weeks it was even more overwhelming since I was super young and right out of college. It is something etched in my memory and the feeling can never be replicated, replaced or even put into words in this case.



BM: Your thoughts on the blurred lines between Couture and Bridal wear in the Indian fashion Industry. Do you plan to break the stereotype?

Yogi: Well ours is a composite brand and every move is toward bettering the brand and doing what is best for it. Couture to us is anything that is handmade or bespoke, lucky for us this is something that we try and incorporate heavily with each season. Also, Bridal is somehting that Surendri has always envisioned as an inclusion for the brand so yes you will see that from us in the coming season.


BM: Style statements you believe have become mundane and should be gotten rid of.

Yogi: There are so many! Crop tops with everything is one.


BM: How do you foresee the Indian fashion Industry’s position in the International market?

Yogi: Even though we are experts in Indianwear and the segment has been hugely appreciated, India is still young when it comes to contemporary Ready-to-Wear and Pret. Having said that there is no one more optimistic than me when it comes to India, given time we can definitely be one of the world's fashion capital.

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BM: Apart from the many who have flaunted Surendri, which Bollywood damsel is closest to your muse?

Yogi: I do love Anushka Sharma who has not yet worn Surendri but yes, Esha Gupta, Kalki Koechlin.


BM: Coming to your own style statement, how would you describe your personal style?

Yogi: I think it is really the anti-style. I am most comfortable in my kurtas and jeans. I have also recently started wearing some Surendri sportswear which is limited to track pants but I am obsessed nonetheless.


BM: Which color is the new black according to you this season?

Yogi: It has to be Pink.

-Compiled and Edited by – Rashi Gaur


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