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So here is Blah and More’s first issue.

I know you are already reading it and soon, it would become a part of your regular readings too. But before moving further, let me introduce to you this whole new world, which is nothing but a bit of “Blah” and a lot ‘More’ interesting things that you always wanted to read. So basically, it’s a magazine for readers who like to know more about the latest trends, style patterns, and everything about fashion.

How it happened? So, it was just my frustration that made me start something like this. I was bored and too stressed while working with a Global IT firm. Yes! You read it right. But being a writer by heart and mind, my mind was always wandering for a vast sky, where my thoughts could fly high. So one fine day, my confused mind, gave birth to this idea. Later, my mother gave it the required flame.

And today it is in front of you, on your computer screen, shouting out load; Blah! ..and More! The month of May is fifteen days old, and the heat god is roaring out loud on us. We understand your insatiable desire to look stylish and glam. And so, the summer style stories are piled up, in the form of apparel and accessories. Being the very first issue, it had to talk about trends, and that too in Big, Black and Bold font.

The “F” people that contributed to us, are already a synonyms for their associated passions. And here, we met them, as what they reflect from their souls. The challenges and achievements, they came through while being what they are today.

And finally, it has loads of ‘fashion’. Why this name? It has colours, it has glamour, it has all the “Blah” that would take you to an interesting ride of the “F” World.

Welcome to our ‘Blah’

Rashi Gaur
Head Contributing Editor
Blah and More                                                                                                                            



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  • Dhwani

    Very very impressive…you are doing a real good job..Taking courage of following your passion by leaving rest of the world, requires real motivation….All the best Rashi…..

    • rashi

      Hey Thank You so much!
      And we are even ready with our next issue..would go up by next week..
      Keep Loving Blah and More! xoxo!

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