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Living in the World of Plastics

After a long weekend of work and meeting deadlines, I finally got to laze around the house and unwind myself.
Sometimes I don't like to play dress up and hit the party. I do enjoy being on my own. 'N' always joins me but this time I decided to spend a day with myself. It is all about being comfortable with yourself, being alone and still not feel lonely. After all, there is nothing like lounging around the house and watching fashion flicks.
So I snuggled in the bed with some cold coffee and 'Sex and The City' DVDs. Just like any other girl, the ladies swaggering in haute couture fascinate me. Critics might call it a shallow movie which lacks substance and has a weak plot. But the sumptuous New York City fashion marvels me.
I ended up watching the series back to back. The heartbreaks, drama, laughter riots, tears, emotional turmoil, outlandish behavior, senseless humor, swanky outfits, high heel galore and life woes. The movie has got it all.
While the whole 'Sex and The City' saga overwhelms me but only to trigger my thought process. Don't we live in the world of plastics? One needs to celebrate aging and age with grace. The artificial beauties and botoxed faces seem to be omnipresent. Is it the social pressure or glam industry or media mileage? Well, I don't play any blame game. It is just that our society does not accept it. Period.
I cannot stick to one train of thought and how mystical and intriguing things get.  The phantoms thoughts are all I am left with which fade into darkness. The lights recede into the distance. My thoughts are overshadowed by the sun shining like an armor and I am all set to rule the world.
Love – Berry


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