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Beach or Hills: 5 essentials for different vacation moods

It is that time of the year, when all you wish to do is to run away for a long vacation. Summers are the times to laze around and we, have a perfect blend of tips for two favorite holiday destinations; THE BEACH & THE HILLS.. So grab a pen and paper or simply screenshot BM’s guide to some key tips for your upcoming vacation..!



·         Sunscreen: and loads of it!!!!! Preferably an SPF 30 or above. This is surely the top rated must have vacation essential for the beach lady to save you from sun burns and bad tans.

·         Flip Flops: An easy pair of slip on-s is very much essential for taking long walks on the beach side and simply slipping it off while entering the water.

·         Sarong: A printed/ patterned piece of cloth with a wide variety of purpose. This 3ft by 6ft (usually) length of fabric is something you just cannot do without. It can be worn as a skirt, a dress, sometimes as a shawl, as a light blanket and much much more.

·         Bright colored plain tunics: Use these to cover you up over your swimsuit in the daytime, add a belt and throw some bold accessories to hit the evening bash without having to leave the beach for a change.

·         Dry bag: Always keep one bag for the beach which is water resistant. Use this to carry keys, mobile, cosmetics and sunglasses when you’re off to the beach.


·         Comfort trainers: Hill station vacations seem pointless without frequent treks. All you need is a super comfortable pair of trainers to make your trek truly enjoyable.

·         Lightweight sweaters: Hill stations are usually sunny during the day in summers. The evenings are also pleasant with a little chill. Lightweight sweaters are therefore, the best option for carrying around, since you can wear them on and off as you like.

·         A windcheater: A must have for the hills, it keeps you warm, comes with a hood and most importantly is – waterproof..! So in case it rains it keeps you dry while keeping you warm.

·         A backpack: The best option as far as a carrying bag is concerned. Unlike the beach, when you’re out for trekking around the hills, there is a lot of stuff you need to carry around. A backpack with several pockets helps you store lots of things and is definitely easy to carry.

·         A moisturizer: With an abrupt and sudden change in weather, your skin demands moisture to keep it soft and subtle. Carry a moisturizer to avoid dry skin.

Some common tips for both-

 A Sunscreen is as important for beaches as it is for the hills, so you better carry one with a good SPF range. A lip balm with SPF again helps both ways, avoiding sun damage and chapped lips. Always pack light wherever you go, or else the burden of your luggage will kill half your fun. A medical kit is another essential. In case you’re travelling abroad, don’t forget to check on your passport and essential documents, also store them safely in your cabin luggage. Lastly, keep a track of your money, carry minimum required cash and try paying mostly by card to avoid losing money by theft or by carelessness.

So have a fun vacation and keep safe..!


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