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You know she is your Best Friend for life when you can walk up to her room in the middle of the night and sleep by her side (holding her finger) after watching “The Conjuring”. It’s not that she doesn’t rub you the wrong way at times but then all it takes is a silly joke to let it all go. And just when you thought it’s all flowery damn! There’s a ring upon her finger and then the rest is history.



 Yes, of course! You are happy for her but wait! Aren’t you hearing that one name a lot of late? BM thought of exploring the rocky roads of friendship and so we’ve listed down 6 habits of your taken BFF which drive you crazy but you’d rather jump off the cliff than complain.

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  1. OMG!! He is my Prince Charming
  • We get it that she is happy. But come on! Wasn’t it the 199th time you heard her saying how awesome and cute her fiancé is? Don’t you dare to give her a blank expression; she can actually sue you for that. Just nod and say Aww!! That does the trick mostly.



  1. Sorry! It’s my Skype time with him
  • You absolutely hate it when all your late night gossip hours are taken away by a random stranger who seems to be getting all the attention of late. Well calm down girl; she is just getting know him. So just pretend to be cool about it.



  1. It’s a +1 for me
  • Girls night out has a new addition who obviously isn’t a girl. It’s almost like he is glued to her all the time. Don’t hesitate from making him feel uneasy; being mean is totally cool right now.



  1. My online status is committed
  • Her online status revolves only around “Love being beautiful” and “him stealing her heart away”; her engagement ring is the new FB and WhatsApp DP – get used to it. It will either be that or the two of them hugging and smiling constantly. IGNORE! That’s the key to peace.


  1. Let’s go Shopping (it’s a trap)

– Finally something you like or so you thought! If she makes plans to go shopping it’s either his Birthday gift she is interested in or a dress for her upcoming date. Please don’t bother to try on that skirt you won’t have time for that since you need to choose between a blue and grey shirt. You need to fall sick and not just act to escape this one as she knows it when you are lying.


  1. I share everything with my Fiancé
  • Remember the drunken making out incident you told her about? Well now her fiancé knows all about it. This habit is the most annoying of all; all of a sudden she seems to be suffering from gossip congestion and has to puke it all out to her one and only. Please feel free to yell at her.


As annoying as they get but the truth remains that our BFFs are the apple of our eyes and so we put up with all the crap they throw at us including the funny looking Bridesmaid’s dress because we owe it to them for being our Besties. 

– Rashmi Singh


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