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Trend Report: animal print

Winter is almost here and so are animal prints. Let’s get some wilderness out on you. Animal skins have vestured us from ages. The prints continue to do the same today. Zebra, cheetah, snake prints and many others show a sense of boldness and confidence. Also that winter is around, these better be attacking your closets now. And the list of products you can own is just endless- from clothes to cloaks, bags to boots, jewellery to jackets and everything. BM puts it simple for you. Learn the three different styles to endure animal print style smartly.animal print

Love Animal Print? Flaunt It

The fashion planet is loving the trend of animal print. BM explores three different ways how you can adore this lovely trend and flaunt your style quotient.


When you want to dress subtle and cannot do away with the trend, wear animal prints in the accent. Handbags, shoes, headgears, jewellery are all the small details where you can try your new trend on. Have a small element of power in your dressing. This will make the whole look mellowed down but still keep you trend-updated.


If you like dressing up singular and are ready to play with the style, you can flirt around with the animal print trend. Why go the conservative way? Look for coloured animal prints mixed with styles of neon etc. embellishments, especially sequins and metallic go well such bold prints. Mixing animal prints with nude and neutral shades also serves romancing the trend. One fact to realise is that such prints should always be worn at the right place as they attract intensively. When talking about shoes, black shoes can never ever go wrong with animal prints. Go ahead, flirt!


The gaga style of loving a trend is this look. When you are totally obsessed with animal print, this is the look you would go for. And there are so many ways to do it- mix different types of animal prints, play with textures, silhouettes, wear cloaks and jackets and dress wild from head to toe. But, there always has to be a rule followed while indulging in the trend. Anywhere in your look, keep a balancing act with some solids. You would never want to look trashy anyways.

So, which animal print look suits your attitude?

-Pranita Mehta



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