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And I delivered a Baby Girl! – My Labour Experience

My pregnancy has been okay-ish and sort of a smooth-sailing expect for a few issues here and there. Thanks to my super efficient team of doctors. I finished my 37 weeks and my mother had come to be in my constant company and we started waiting for the D day.

Week 37 to 39

Days were now passing at a slower speed and discomfort was getting worse every day. It's said that the last weeks of pregnancy are actually the hardest. Reasons? The size of your tummy makes it tough to even sleep, forget about the rest of the activities. Breathlessness is again at its peak. The urge to pee becomes way more irritating. Your movement is way more restricted and what not.

Week 39

Came week 39 and we were too restless and even asked the doctor, when is this baby coming out? Can we please operate and bring him to the world already? But my doctor was too sweet to get irritated. He (Yes! He was a Man!)  simply calmed me down and said just wait for another five days and we'd induce you. But today let me try by circling the cervix by my finger ( It's an old wife tale that by doing so, labor might get induced naturally).

Another four days passed. No signs of labour anywhere. Day five (of week 39) I was a little more restless. I took a shower around noon and found that the movements were way lesser and I was feeling at short of breath terribly. There was no pain or anything. I told my husband and he said let's go and get checked. We went to the hospital and got checked. Doctor told us that we might need to come back again tomorrow for induction.

After the doctor's, we went on to buy some groceries and by the time we came back home, it was already dinner time. I didn't feel like eating and only had some milk. But to my surprise, I had to throw up that entire quantity. I was at terrible unease and even told husband that please keep an eye on me. I don't feel really good. And I tried to take some sleep.


In around an hour, I felt that the bedsheet that I was sleeping on had gone wet. YES! I HAD BROKE MY WATERS!

We rushed to the hospital and got to know that I was in active labour.

They moved me to a room. And asked me to waited for my Epidural dose. (Yes. I did opt for an Epidural. Earlier I thought I might be ok without it, but given the amount of pain, I couldn't bear it and had to ask for it the last minute.) After about 2 hours, a doctor gave me an epidural injection and after that 8 to 9 hours were gone unnoticed and in half slept condition.

Then came the time to for them to lessen the dose of Epidural. Because if I wouldn't have felt the contractions, I wouldn't have urged to push the baby out. And precisely then I actually felt my labour.

Next 4-5 hours went in terrible (read deadly) contractions. A large team of doctors circled themselves around me and were only asking me to PUSH. They were only saying two words – Push and Breathe. And my husband who I could feel was crying, was there holding my hand and calming me down. Because by then, I had abused a few doctors and had cried bitterly in requesting to operate me and take this (baby) out of my body.

Finally, after 4 hours or so, when I couldn't push any further and my pulse was getting bad along with baby's oxygen level going down that they decided to use a vaccum. They used a vaccum and the baby was out in a minute. "Congratulations Raashi. You've delivered a baby girl" And they kept the baby onto my belly. That warmth! I can never forget.


After that they gave me stitches (called episiotomy) to the large tears that had happened to my vagina and around. And then I was shifted to a private room. The story of my Motherhood started way before this day. But it was then when I actually felt it alive.




Things no one tell you about Labour

1.) Pain Less Delivery (Epidural) is not completely Painless.

2.) You really need a really strong core muscles for a vaginal delivery

3.) You might poop during delivery and no one is offended.

4.) Whatever pain happens during the delivery is not the only pain you face. It's also the first poop after episiotomy that's equivalent in pain.

5.) It's not only baby diapers you'd need after delivery. You might need to stock up a few adult diapers as well.

6.) Baby comes first. And still the pushing doesn't end. Then comes out the placenta.

7.) Your anal region would not be the same. Thanks to episiotomy.

8.) The doctors don't do much if it's a vaginal delivery. They can only motivate you. You've to do it all by yourself.

9.) Nothing in this whole wide world can actually explain the extremes of pain or contractions you get during labour.


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