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Ahoy Summers! We’re ready with Thread Braids

Summers are here with a loud alarm and so are we with our SOS Summer Hair-Styling Ideas. Open hair in summers is a complete No-No. The pollution makes your hair brittle and sweat catches all the dirt, leaving your lustrous mane oily. Add spunk to your traditional braid by adding some fun threads and knots. Since, fashion is all about dressing up and standing out in the crowd, why not experiment and satisfy your doll-look whims and fancies with this hairstyle?



Wash your hair thoroughly and wait till they are completely dry. Now using a comb, divide your hair into sections.

 Take the section where you want the braid. Make sure the section you choose is at least 5 cm away from the parting.

Now, tie the rest of your hair, keeping only the section aside for braiding.

Now, divide this section into further three smaller sections and begin braiding the traditional way.

Now secure this braid with an elastic band. Make sure the braid lies flat against the head.

Take three strands of thread and hold them at one end. Pass the ends, starting at the scalp till the end of the braid. Make sure six strands now hang, as the same length of the braid.

Now divide the strands alternately, as three stands on each side. So, that we get two bunches of three strands of thread, along with the braid.

Begin braiding with a bunch of threads on either side of the braid, with the braid being the middle section.

Now your braid would look neater and funkier with the thread in it.

Your boho-style braid is ready to be flaunted.


Add beads, for a trendier look.

Keep adding colours or more volume, by increasing two strands every time and braiding it again with the original braid.

You can also experiment with 2, 4, 6 knot braiding techniques.


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