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A Walk to Remember with my Crocs

My love for nature makes me spend time alone easier and a favorite past-time too. I love walking alone in the lap of nature. I go for a walk almost every day. Sometimes in the morning and while I am at a time crunch, these walks happen during the evenings. And those thirty minutes I spend with nature, sometimes beautiful flowers, innocent animals and even strangers and kids, that time become my learning time as well.



Animals teach me how blessed I am to be human being to have emotions and the ability to express each one of them.

Then flowers and trees teach me that each one of us has a purpose in life and finding out that purpose gives you happiness and a whole new meaning to our existence.


Strangers on roads and pavements teach me that we all are same; struggling with similar problems the others are unaware about. We all have similar powers to deal with our problems and life moves on with or without each one of us.




Kids playing on the play ground teach me that you don’t need any particular reason to celebrate life. Each day is a celebration and your mere existence is a reason to feel happy about. These kids also teach me the true meaning of friendships. The unconditional ones and the ones that have no personal interests attached to.


And on one such ‘walks of life’, my favourite pair of wedges from crocs accompanied me. These are light-weight and fit your feet perfectly to make your walks easy and comfortable. The rubber sole being light in weight and being non-slippery in nature, it also makes them safe for monsoon and the apt choice to be wearing them for longer duration.

Get the Look:

Gingham Off-shoulder Blouse: Cotton On

A-line Button-up Skirt: H & M

Wedges: Crocs

Bag: Thrifted from Bugis

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Umbrella: The Elephant Company (available at My Big Red Bag)

Untill next time,

-Xo, Raashi


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