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Evolve India: A Little More Space with 5 Magic Wands

Our cramped up closet or the stuffed up balcony; a little more space is what we all crave for in our lives. Thankfully Technology has evolved our lifestyle in a way that the mantra today is to Live Smart. Live Easy. So say hello to EVOLVE! A brand which aims at making products which will simplify lives in ways you never thought is possible.

Founded by Mr. Himanshu Shah; Evolve is a Pandora box of smart engineering. They have redefined the word ‘compact’. Let’s discover the awesomeness of its products together.


The Desk Organizer – Bid adieu to the clutter on your desk as The Desk Organizer makes more space in a manner you never thought was possible. The slots of the organizer have been smartly designed with supporting detachable pillars for it to accommodate all that you’ve got resting on your table starting with your stationary to your gadgets.

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The Resealer – Remember how the fear of soggy chips drives us on eating it all in one shot, well give your tummy a breather as now you can keep away the packet without the fear. The Resealer is a battery operated device which helps you reseal plastic packets. It comes with a one year warranty.


The Flexi Rack – With a never ending fight for space it’s time we install this smart piece of engineering at our houses. It is light weight and could be easily mounted anywhere in your house. The perks of this rack is that it’s expandable from all sides and its height could be adjusted too. When not in use it could be snuck away in the corner without much hassle.  1year warranty comes handy with it too.


The Automatic Drying Rack – How we despise cluttering our clothes in our balconies to dry! Evolve has designed a drying rack which would transform your woes to joys. This rack can accommodate clothes until 35 kgs and its height is expandable to 7 ft. Its smart engineering has incorporated a sensor button which prevents children from getting harmed by its heat. Its remote controlled and is easy to install.


The Manual Drying Rack – Very similar to the automatic drying rack; except it has the manually operated pulley system. The supporting rods are expandable to 7 ft height and can accommodate a load of 30 kgs. It comes with a 6 month warranty.

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