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A Complete Guide on Types of Bras Available according to Breast Shape and Dresses Necklines

‘Pretty lingerie makes it all better’. Yes, it does, but only when these beauties are perfect for your breasts and hug them like a second skin. That is when you really fall in with it. You can counter by saying that your bra is perfect for and that you bought it after taking your full measurements and tallying it with the bra size calculator. But, this is where we tell you that you need to consider two teeny tiny yet, significant details before doing your online bra shopping. The first one is ascertaining the type of breasts you have been endowed with and knowing what bra type suits your breast shape. The second equally important parameter is the neckline of the kind of dresses you generally wear. We have here for you a complete guide on types of bras available as per your breast shape and neckline of your dress. 

  1. Padded Bra


An all-time favorite of every girl wanting to look just a little curvier, padded bras have always been the savior. Perfect for thin fabric dresses, the pads help you achieve the no nipple-show effect. It gives a fuller and rounder effect instead and they come in so many styles. So you can get a balconette, plunge or a backless bra to suit the neckline of your dress. You can even choose to buy an underwire or a wire-free padded bra.


  1. Push up Bra


For low neckline dresses, a pushup bra does the work of lifting your bust line to accentuate the beauty of your breasts. The cups push your breasts a tad bit closer to each other and the cleavage instantly looks even sexier. Push-up bras are great if you are facing some sagging breasts woes.


  1. The Balconette


So, you are the east-west breast type, eh? Go for a balconette bra style to bring your breasts together and give them a boost. The balconette gives a straight neckline and thus is perfect for square neck blouses and dresses or even your straight-line spaghetti. Go ahead and ask your tailor to give you the widest neckline as you want, for the balconette will stay hidden under it.


  1. T-shirt Bra


This one is a wardrobe staple for outdoorsy girls who are forever on the move. Not only do they provide an all-day comfort, but they also give you a seamless no-show finish. Most T-shirt bras are padded to give you an extra support and a strapless T-shirt bra looks perfect under spaghetti, Bardot neckline or an off shoulder dress. If your breasts are the east-west type a T-shirt bra brings them together and gives them a perfect shape.



  1. Full Figure Bra


Despair not if you have breasts that are a little towards the plus size, for your full figure will not let you or your breasts down. The full figure bra with wider straps and broader side wings ensure that there is no cup spillage. You too can now carry that off-shoulder blouse you have hiding in your closet for days.


  1. Plus Size Bra


The more the better, right? The plus size bra is just the thing for you if you tend to believe in living life to the fullest and are towards the plus side on the weighing scale. These bras come with a wider under band that gives ample support not only to your breasts but also to your back muscles. You can wear them all day long without feeling any strain on your neck or shoulder muscles.


  1. Nursing/ Feeding Bra


Whatever breast size and shape you had, has taken a three sixty degrees change now that you have become a new mommy. The old bras are no-good for those feeding times and also to support the breasts that have become tender. These nursing bras come with cups that have been specially molded and are made of absorbent and comfortable fabric. For your comfort, the buttons in the middle and hooks placed a little higher, make breastfeeding while wearing the bra super easy. They also have removable flaps to facilitate breastfeeding. And yes, before you ask, they do come in cheerful designs!


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