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7 most annoying habits of Men (from her POV)

It so happens with the "XX chromosome" around the world that over time they get too comfortable living with their partners. Now, we aren’t saying it's something bad; of course it's needed for both of you to be compatible, adjustable and comfortable for a smooth sailing boat. But men just take it a notch higher and trust us on this; no woman admires your silent farts or your ear piercing snores at the end of the day.

She might be a silent victim of your habits but that's hazardous for your appetite too because you never know the shape or taste of the revenge she might inflict upon you. Hence, BM decided to intervene and let out in open, all your habits which are tormenting her the most.

Habit 1: The Gyaani

mr. gyaani

He can never be wrong and will go an extra mile in any discussion to win it. He seems to behold all the wisdom and knowledge of the world in his mind and will throw in his ‘not-so-welcomed’ advice at almost everything starting from the color of the walls to the tadka in your Dal. Now Mr. Got It Right, let us get it straight to you. You are coming across as a plain Douche to your partner because she isn’t in need of a Swami.

Habit 2: The Momma's Boy

momma's boy

No matter what you cook or how you cook it, your food will always be ranked second to his mom's.  He seems to lack a backbone at times when it comes to taking major decisions and will immediately run to his mom than discussing it out with you like an adult.

Habit 3: The Nose Digger


This is the most disgusting yet most common habit that exists amidst men. A bowel routine in the morning isn’t enough for them. They have to keep digging their nose throughout the day whenever their hands are idle. It's a non-stop treasure hunt happening up there. No amount of yelling at them actually changes it.

Habit 4: The Burp-ee


Burps resonating through the walls of your dining hall are let out by him almost every twenty minutes post a wholesome meal. These burps keep getting louder and are absolutely guilt free irrespective of the company around him and followed by an irrelevant "EXCUSE ME".

Habit 5: The Busy Bee

i am busy

Yes we admit that work is important but then the heat of competition has actually taken over the need for love and privacy. This Busy Bee is glued to his laptop like it’s his skin and will never arrive on time for a romantic dinner or birthday. Mr. Busy Bee, we admit that work is important but it definitely doesn’t stand before your family. Try to spare some time out for her because that's all that she desires.

Habit 6: The Cricket Gaga

cricket gaga

Yes, we all love those exciting matches of IPL but this one just goes gaga over one missed catch or one wicket gone down. He just can’t stand seeing his dear team lose and will have a meltdown at the end of the match. He sulks big time and makes life miserable for the ones living with them. Beware of him as he can even get violent at times.


Habit 7: Mr. Self Obsessed


Trust us, it's true! Most men spend more time in front of the mirror obsessing about their hairstyle than women do. That short bush on his head takes almost an hour to be tamed. He cannot pass a mirror without glancing at his reflection and setting his hair. He will do anything to be the best dressed man in the party and hardly gives a damn about anybody else. Please prick your bubble and get the hell out of it! There's a whole new world existing outside your looks; have a glance.


Rashmi Singh


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