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5 Reasons why Gauhar Khan was slapped!!

Gauhar Khan was slapped recently by one of the male audience, at a show she was hosting. Reason? She was accused of wearing skimpy clothes being a muslim woman! I mean, Really?? 

Then comes another common man, Shashwat Singh, a videographer from New Delhi, who tells us the real reasons why she was actually slapped.

1. Since generations, men are taught that it's a matter of pride for them being a man. Although they have absolutely no stake on choosing their gender. They are men because of "Chromosomes Mismatch" and that's of course a matter of pride! 

2. Hitting someone gives an instant ego boost. Just imagine the levels of it, while you slap a celebrity. Well done my Buoy! 

3. Women are treated as commodities. You can choose them as per your convenience, budget and mood. 

4. A man has all the rights to eve-tease, letch and even rape a woman. But a woman, on the other hand, can not even choose her attire. Now that's the real chivalry!

5. Joblessness! 


In a country where we deal with crimes against women every second minute, and we hardly do anything about them, we have people like Shashwat, who revolts against them through his video blog 'Monster Shanu'. 

BM salutes the spirit of this young lad and hopes that one day, we can create a 'Crime Free India'. 

Raashi Gaur



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