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5 Awesome Reasons why Long-distance Relationships rock

Blame it onto our ‘Always Positive’ mindsets or our undying love for ‘Self’ we keep bringing you reasons to absolutely fall in love with your lives, no matter how harsh you may feel. This time we’ve long-distance relationships on our minds. We simply love every aspect of it and trust us; you’d too after reading this post.


1.       A lot of Talking: We’re girls and for us, the first thing that’s needed to know a person is talking. And if you’re in a long-distance relationship, you do a lot of conversation. Thanks to technology; we’ve more ways to talk to distant people than we have with next-door neighbors.

2.       It’s always Fresh: Thanks to the distance, but we hardly reach that levels of comfort in our relationships, that we forget to get butterflies in our stomachs when he touches our hands.

3.       You get Time to Love Yourself: We agree that doing things together is fun, but with time things become frustrating when either of you end up following every passion of the other. Long-distance relationships give you ample of time to follow your hobbies and you can enjoy quality time with your beau too when you meet.

4.       Each date is like a Vacation: It’s always a grand feeling whenever you both are meeting. All of your friends are aware of it. You start planning about your dresses, looks and places to visit, much in advance.

5.       Gifts and Emails: If small, kind gestures are counted the most in a live-in relationship, the same holds true for surprise gifts and love emails in a long-distance one. A surprise gift or love email is enough for all of us to bring that smile to our lips. 

– Rashi Gaur


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