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21 reasons that make FOREVER 21 a ‘Forever Loved’ name.

Jayz might have 99 problems but who cares when BM has 21 reasons for which we are going Gaga over FOREVER21? If there’s one label which makes every girl rock the runway style on streets while it goes easy on her pockets, it’s Forever21.

BM lists down the 21 reasons which make us rush to FOREVER21.


1. No if and but with that cute floral skater dress hanging at the top rack. If you love it, you sure can wear it. Don’t worry about the size; Zero or 12 they have it all in store for you.


2. OMG! Did I just walk into Carrie Bradshaw’s closet or what? You wouldn’t find so many clothes under a single roof ever.


jealous plastics1


3. Hell yes! These dresses are so hot and fresh from the runway, now the plastics in your campus can go chill as all eyes would be on you.

4. The denims in stock would fit in just perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle.


5. Craving for Retail Therapy? Oh wait it’s the month end. Well that shouldn’t be a problem! Forever21 goes easy on our wallet all the time.

6. Age is just a figure when you arrive at Forever21. You are never too old to shop here.


7. Poolside party or a Baby shower; this brand makes sure you have a dress for every occasion.

8. Exchange your purchase without your self-esteem getting brutally assaulted by the manager.


9. Heels first floor, accessories 3rd and Hey! What about my makeup? Oh god that’s on the other side of the 2nd floor. Exhausted? Did nobody tell you about this one stop shopping paradise?


10. If you are too cool for Neons and Cropped tops, they have an exclusive line which breathes, eats and even burps sophistication in its collection. We are talking about Love21.

denims fit2

11. So you thought you could rip off that pretty lace dress just by pulling at its ends? In your face! This isn’t your Sarojini mass babe.


12. Only kinky sex could be more tempting than filling up your shopping cart guilt free.

13. Their foot wear collection seems to be picked up straight from the runway of Milan. Cinderella too bad! You don’t belong to this era.

14. Hello pretty faces! Their fashion consultants are not just a visual treat. But these helping hands would always be by your side to fetch you the right look.


15. You wish to keep up with the Kadarshians? Well we can’t guarantee a booty like Kim’s but an ensemble like hers is surely something you could club together out here. You can get your entire look coordinated.


16. Wanna keep up with the rat’s race? Well who are we to complain; here you sure can shop for Spring break before it arrives.


17. Oh remember that boyfriend of yours who walked in with you? Don’t worry! He’s on a shopping spree too out here while you try the 11th dress in a row.


18. Those cute makeup brushes are just adorable. You shouldn’t leave without them.

19. Remember how your BFF loves Scarves and rings? Don’t miss out on those. The accessories are too good to miss your sight.



20. Are you kidding me? Best news ever! It’s time to keep our happy feet at rest as our favourite label is now just a click away. Yes you read it right! FOREVER21 has finally launched its website and we bet it looks as inviting as always.



21. If all these reasons weren’t good enough for you wait for this one- If you shop online for  more than 2500, you don’t need to pay that courier guy extra shipping charges. Isn’t that LEGENDARY? 

– Rashmi Singh


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