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10 Things that make a Fashion Student different from any other Student

So you've cleared the first round and are waiting for the rest? You have heard a thousand things about Fashion colleges and by now, you must have started dreaming about your exciting life there. BM thought of giving your dreams a slight direction. Here are ten things that make a fashion student different from any other student.



1. Entering an almost dark room with mannequins standing and bodices hanging inside – Trust me, it's not easy. Suddenly you remember all the thriller movies sequences and your imagination goes creepy.


2. Always using a non-straight ruler and carrying scissors to college is allowed- They have 'curves', they have "L" shapes, but hardly any fashion student uses a straight ruler. Also no one is going to stop you entering college premises if you're carrying sharp objects like scissors in your college bags.


3. Don't waste time; read a Fashion Magazine! – This one is an opposite of what happens otherwise but while you're studying in a fashion college, reading fashion magazine becomes a part of research and course curriculum.


4. You can talk about clothes, fashion and make-up even to your teachers – Yes! Even your teachers talk about it all the time.

5. People accept you no matter what you wear and what you don't – Of course, it's a fashion college if you see people roaming around in everything that can be considered as a piece of cloth, and everything that cannot be.


6. People think we're the coolest of the lot, and we think we're the most tortured lot – Because of the above reasons the outsiders think you're the coolest part of the society. And the truth is, all during the college years you've studied, researched and worked so hard for the grades that you all turn into the frustrated part.


7. We come as a Gentlemen and leave as 'Goons' – Not literally, but at least your parents are going to think the same. The simple and subtle guy from school has suddenly turned into a tatoo-ed and distressed denims guy; and our parents think that's how 'goons' look.


8. Dressing up shabbily and in rags is a lot cooler than flaunting brands – Unlike all the other University colleges, where flaunting your Guccis and LVs is an important part of curriculum(if you're from Delhi, you'd know), a fashion college doesn't care of the brands. Unless, those garments are distressed, inked, worn differently or showing your creativity in some or the other way.


9. We know all the shops and entire market, and our favorite one is Photoshop – Blame it onto your subject or all the market research rounds, you know every shop in the market thoroughly. Also thanks to those mood boards and story boards, you become a pro in Photoshop. By the time you'd complete your course, you'd be a professional designer; fashion designer or graphics designer, choice is yours.


10. While shopping, we always know more than the shopkeeper – This one is self experienced. When you go out for shopping with your mom and aunts, you think it's your religion to bless the shopkeeper with all the knowledge about weaves and prints. You feel like a king and he, like an enlightened soul.

-Rashi Gaur


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